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What is better for SEO, subdirectories or subdomains? In this week’s Ask a SEO Expert we discuss the differences between subdirectories and subdomains along with several SEO tips on each.

In this week’s edition of Ask a SEO Expert, we discuss Google’s new #1 ranking factor trust, and tips on managing multiple business locations in Google Places.

You know that it’s important to develop great and relevant content for your target audience, but do you know how to re-purpose and distribute your content? In this week’s Ask an SEO Expert I reveal some of my secrets on how we distribute our content.

Do you want to have content on your website indexed by Google that is written in different languages and/or targets different countries? In this week’s Ask a SEO expert we discuss strategies you can use to help Google index foreign language copy.

How to do a Google Penguin site audit. Find out if your site is worth fixing your or if you should consider dumping your site and starting all over.

What are link wheels and how effective are they post Google Penguin? Link wheels are generally an agreement between a group of websites to link to each other and when done properly can be a very effective part of your link optimization strategy.

“How can I minimize the loss of traffic to my site after I change a domain name?” – In this week’s ask a SEO Expert we discuss 301 redirects and how you can use them when you change your domain name, delete a page on your site and much more.

When launching multiple websites that serve one niche, how can you avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty? – Ask a SEO Expert

Are sitebar links helpful or hurtful to my website? Should be just acquire links inside of posts? Does registering your domain name for multiple years add value? These are just some of the questions asked in this week’s Ask a SEO Expert.

Ask a SEO Expert #1 – The top SEO and Internet Marketing questions from the week of September 9, 2012 in “Ask a SEO Expert”






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