Benefits of the Search Engine Academy

Are you fed up with all those sleazy Internet Marketing programs teaching you unethical ways to promote your online business which will ultimately get you banned by Google?

As a successful Internet Marketer myself I understand and appreciate your concerns.

In 1997 I began my journey in Internet Marketing by launching my very first e-commerce website,

As a retired cop you would think that I was wise to all those scammers who called or emailed me constantly, all promising a #1 listing in Google. But I wasn’t.

When I was promised a full money back guarantee if my site didn’t achieve that coveted #1 position in 90 days I fell for the hustlers’ scams hook, line and sinker.

The problem was that that after using all of those black hat, unethical tricks which took my site to the #1 position for a few days, once Google discovered these tactics  they banned my website for a year.

This is why our team of Internet Marketing professionals at Search Engine Academy have joined together to create an ethical and powerful strategy that follows the rules, is  proven effective and extremely profitable.

SEO Workshop

Don’t Say You Don’t Have the Time.

As CEO of several successful businesses myself, I understand your time is valuable.

However, “keeping your saw sharp” is even more valuable if you wish to survive in today’s competitive marketplace.

This is why our team of Internet Marketing professionals has condensed our material into an easy to follow 6-part step-by-step strategy.

Our material is NOT a rehash of some older material. It is constantly being updated to address the latest trends and tools in our industry.

Through our worldwide network of instructors there is a good possibility that we have a SEO Workshop in or near your community.

We also offer:

  • Online SEO Training
  • DVD training
  • Online Coaching
  • Our advanced Mastermind program

All of our training courses can be taken in the comfort of your own home or business.

I Don’t Have a Lot of Money. Is it Worth the Investment?

We understand that you have fewer discretionary dollars to spend in today’s tough economy.

This is why we strive to make all of our in person and online training programs affordable to businesses big and small.

Consider your tuition an investment which will pay you back hundreds of times over again once your website achieves top placement in the search engines. We have seen this happen hundreds of times with our students and clients. There is no reason why it can’t happen to you.

Try Our DVD Training Classes.

We realize that most of you don’t live in Arizona where we do. As a result,  many of our SEO Training classes are professionally recorded, edited and mastered in our studio for shipping to your home.

Our DVD training programs also include all the PowerPoint slides and handouts discussed during the training.

Currently the following SEO Workshops available on DVD:

Online SEO Training Classes

We are currently in production of an online SEO Essentials Training Workshop. This segment of our training will be launched in early 2012.

Learn SEO Live at One of Our In-Person SEO Training Workshops

Through our association with the Search Engine Academy we now offer our 2-day SEO Essentials Workshop, our 3-day Advanced SEO Workshop or our comprehensive 5-day Workshop.

Click here for a full listing of our in-person SEO Workshops.

Specialized SEO and Internet Marketing Workshops

We also offer specialized 1-day, 2-day or online Internet Marketing Workshops in a variety of subjects such as Pay-Per-Click, Local Search and Affiliate Marketing.

In the first quarter of 2012 Adrienne DeVita will host an 8-week Pay-Per-Click online training workshop.

In February of 2012 Roy Reyer and David Evans will host a 1-day advanced Local Search training workshop at our Arizona location

Then in March of 2012 Ginette Degner will host a 1-day Affiliate Marketing workshop at our Arizona location.

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