Affiliate Marketing Workshop

Affiliate Marketing Workshop
April 23rd – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Ginette Degner and Radar Roy will be putting on this live event so that you can learn niche affiliate marketing from the ground up.

Unlike some of those conferences that you may have attended in the past where you just listen and take notes, Ginette and Roy will be at your side coaching and working with you in this hands-on workshop as you implement the strategies you will learn right there on the spot.

As you can see this workshop is completely different from anything else out there!

We are limiting the attendance to only 10 students and we will all get to work together – creating and implementing the following techniques we cover during this workshop.

  • How to locate great products to promote
  • What tools to use for market research
  • How to choose the right affiliate program that will make you money
  • What type of website you should consider using as an affiliate
  • How to build your list as an affiliate marketer
  • How to use Twitter and Facebook to promote affiliate products
  • How to build your affiliate website
  • And much more…
SEO Training SW
Castle Well Airpark
41914 N. 251st Ave
Morristown, Az 85342

Upon registration you will be provided with a detailed map and gate code to enter our complex.

Space is limited to only ten attendees, register now!

Affiliate Marketing Workshop
April 23, 2011

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