Advanced SEO Training Workshop on USB

SEO Training Videos for iPadGet Past the Basics and Into the Details with our Advanced SEO Training Course on one 32 gig USB drive.

NEW for 2013!

Your entire advanced SEO Roadmap is laid out for you. Our complete, step-by-step process takes the guess work out of on-site and off-site optimization

Student Testimonial Video – 2:57

SEO Advanced Training on USB11+ hours of Professionally Recorded, Edited and Mastered Videos shipped to your home/office on one 32 gig USB drive

Your Advanced SEO Training was professionally recorded, edited and mastered in studio.

Professioanl SEO Training Videos

Save Your Money and Time – Get Advanced SEO Training now on USB!

From the comfort of your home or office (seated next to the same students who paid over $1200 to attend this workshop) you can watch these professionally recorded and edited videos as we lay out our advanced SEO strategies we have used for our own websites and clients’ websites.

Part 1 – At the completion of part one of your advanced SEO Training Course, you will have a grasp of techniques and strategies you can use in highly competitive markets as you master Advanced Keyword Forensics.

  • Advanced keyword research strategies post Google Panda/Penguin
  • How to tap into behavioral trends based upon search activity
  • How to optimize your content using latent semantic indexing for Google’s Knowledge Graph
  • Discover powerful tips and techniques that over 90% of other SEO professionals miss!

Intro Advanced SEO Workshop Opening
17:51 minutes
Class introduction, the rule of 5 in setting goals for your company and your online marketing.
Roadmap-Overview SEO Roadmap Overview
4:45 minutes
An Overview of the SEO Roadmap
your-passion What is Your Passion?
62:06 minutes
How finding your passion can help you be successful.  David gives you lots of thought provoking questions to walk you through this process.
advanced-keyword-research Advanced Keyword Research
63:15 minutes
How to do keyword research post Google Google Panda/Penguin. How to discover new markets of opportunity, Advanced techniques various Google free keyword tools
power-infuence Tips for Writing Effective Sales Copy
63:33 minutes
Discover how to identify your perfect customer and how to develop engaging content from their point of view.
google-hummingbird Personalization of Search
22:47 minutes
Google search results are becoming more and more personalized to the individual doing the searching.  Learn techniques on how to use this developing shift to your advantage.
SEO-scout SEO Scout
9:59 minutes
A walk through of how to use SEO Scout. How to use SEO Scout for effective keyword research.
content-marketing Content Marketing and Distribution

10:00 minutes
It is imperative to understand searchers expectations. Create content that engages your customer in such a way that it facilitates a relationship How to use your blog to create compelling content.
google-authorship Day 2 – Google Authorship
12:36 minutes
How to setup and establish your Google Authorship
why-people-dont-buy Why Don’t People Buy My Stuff?
28:37 minutes
To identify the reasons people don’t buy, know the reasons why they do buy.  Identify your perfect customer and establish your USP( Unique Selling Point).
database-driven-websites Working with Data Driven Websites
18:20 minutes
How to overcome common problems associated with CMS-driven sites such as duplicate content, spider traps and other CMS gotchas.
social-media-marketing Social Media Marketing
21:16 minutes
Advanced Social Media Marketing strategies for SEO and Internet Marketing
analytics Advanced Google Analytics
Part I 69 minutes
Part II 26:31 minutes
Review real time metrics Site speed measurement How to better identify and target your audience behavioral. How to create goals and funnels to identify conversion factors.
site-technical-issues Site Technical Issues

15:02 minutes
Step-by-Step walk through on how to identify and fix common technical issues that can affect the performance of your site.
google-webmaster-tools Advanced Google Webmaster Tools
24:44 minutes
Advanced Google Webmaster strategies..
competitive-intelligence Competitive Intelligence for SEO
54:35 minutes
Advanced strategies on competitive intelligence for SEO in analyzing your own site and your competitors’ sites
pay-per-click Pay Per Click Online Advertising

47:16 minutes
Pay Per Click is becoming more and more of a necessity. Learn how to use PPC to your greatest advantage.
Tips for the Professional Tips for the SEO Professional
31:17 minutes
Tips on starting your own SEO consulting business and how to quickly build it to 6 figures a year, SEO and Internet Marketing consulting business.

Bonus #1: Advanced SEO Power Point Slides:

Day 1 Advanced SEO Workshop 162 Power Point Slides – Day 1 Advanced SEO Workshop
162 professionally edited slides from day 1 of our Advanced SEO Workshop in PDF format. Print out these slides prior to watching the videos to take notes as we reference the material.
SEO Power Point Slides 122 Power Point Slides – Day 2 Advanced SEO Workshop
122 professionally edited slides from day 2 of our Advanced SEO Workshop in PDF format. Print out these slides prior to watching the videos to take notes as we reference the material.
SEO Power Point Slides 65 Power Point Slides – Day 3 Advanced SEO Workshop
67 professionally edited slides from day 3 of our Advanced SEO Workshop in PDF format. Print out these slides prior to watching the videos to take notes as we reference the material.

Bonus #2: Advanced SEO Files:

Advanced SEO Bonus Files Advanced SEO Training Bonus Files
Included with your 32 gig USB are bonus files including; advanced keyword and competitive analysis spreadsheets.

 Bonus 3: 2 Hours of Free 1 on 1 Coaching!

Included with your purchase is 2 free hour of 1 on 1 SEO Coaching valued at $300 that you can use for 1-year after your purchase!

To schedule your coaching session email us your invoice number and we will schedule your coaching via Skype or GoToMeeting.

Certified Master SEO Instructors

Your instructors are certified as Master SEO Instructors/Consultants with through the Search Engine Academy.

Master SEO Instructors

Ginette Degner – Roy Reyer – David Evans

Benefits of – SEO Roadmap Advanced on USB!

Advanced SEO Training DVD

  • Get past the basics and into the details of SEO and Internet Marketing
  • Save hundreds of dollars in airfare/lodging and transportation costs
  • Save time by watching the videos on your own schedule
  • 2-hours of free SEO Coaching
  • Save over $500 from the cost of attending the presentation LIVE.

The videos from this 3-day workshop are now being professionally duplicated and packaged and are expected to ship on March 5th.

SEO Roadmap Advanced SEO Workshop on USB – $697.00

Order Your Advanced SEO  Training USB Now!




Google Authorship
11:33 minutes
Overview of Google Authorship and how to connect your website(s) and your Google profile for authorship status.

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