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Your goals are within reach. You can catch your online competition and pass them, too. You can enjoy more sales with your website. You can enjoy having that roadmap to your success.

Search engine optimization skills can help you to outwork and outsmart your competition to the top of the rankings for your most important keywords. Then, once you see higher and more targeted traffic, you can convert those many more visitors into many more sales. They’re your main goals, right?

If you could, you’d have your dream online roadmap to your success today. To reach the top of Google, you not only need a great work ethic and greater expertise, but you need them to keep your website at the top. You need them to keep sales rolling in. You need them to keep your website free from trouble. You need to follow the rules. Why? Penalties from Google are like penalties from the police. They’re costly in terms of money, time, and search engine ranking. So, winning big and winning right are great goals for internet marketing success.

Your Goals For A Winning Online Roadmap Are Realistic. But They Require Real Knowledge And Focus. “Radar” Roy Reyer Is The Targeted Traffic Cop Your Website Needs For Higher Rankings And Higher Sales.

Roy Reyer SEORoy Reyer is living proof that  stories become legends. That’s why he never calls himself an internet guru. He doesn’t have to. Plenty of others call him a well-rounded Search Engine Optimization expert. He’s made millions of dollars online for himself and for clients with websites that rank well in the search engines and sell well to their visitors. Roy is also a certified master SEO instructor with the prestigious Search Engine Academy, covering both the Arizona and Las Vegas regions.

For 20 years he worked as a cop enforcing the law, and protecting the lives of others, often risking his own life to do it. Roy Reyer was called Lieutenant in the Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff’s Office for eight of those years. For another five year period, he was called “rabbit” by the dangerous motorcycle gangs he successfully infiltrated as an undercover narcotics officer.

In 1985, Roy was with a team working on an undercover online bulletin board to catch credit card hackers. As the sting grew successful, he recognized drugs were also involved. This led Roy Reyer to becoming the first undercover police officer to purchase drugs online documented by the FBI — years before Google existed.

Goodbye Gun and Badge. Hello Internet Marketing.

After he retired as a lawman in 1997, Roy Reyer pursued his passion for computers. In the early days of the internet, it cost about $1000 a month to get online from his home in rural Wickenburg, Arizona. He worked overtime and designed websites to pay for it. Roy quickly made that investment of time and money worthwhile.

He was making a few thousand dollars a month online until he hired an SEO firm that didn’t tell him they used “spammy” tactics. The result wasn’t good. Roy’s website was banned by Google and his sales dropped to zero.

Roy is a great teacher, full of ideas and sound advice. While on the cutting edge of Search Engine Strategies, he still maintains a safe profile ensuring the maximum benefit of search engine traffic without the enormous dangers many people run into from Black Hat practices. I’ve worked with Roy for a while now, and have personally benefited from his expertise and knowledge, and would recommend him to anybody.” October 24, 2009
Jonathan Neubauer, Project Manager, Start Ranking Now

Going Lower In Online Rankings Led Him Higher, Much Higher.

Being an ex-cop, Roy felt he should have known better. So, he enrolled in the Search Engine Academy. It showed his undying commitment to online success. He was determined to learn all he could as quickly as he could, and constantly keep fingers on the internet pulse. By taking swift action, he learned his lesson and many more. When a #1 ranking on Google came to Roy in just four months after being banned, his online scorecard for radar detectors grew faster than the speeding customers who were lined up to buy from him.

Radar detectors are a must today for drivers with either a need for speed or time. But the industry itself didn’t reach the fast lane until the internet became easy to access. Online sales of radar detectors exploded. And all of the websites ahead of the pack belonged to one person –“Radar” Roy Reyer.

How did “Radar Roy” Dominate Radar Detector Sales Online When He Never Sold A Single One?

Sales came easily because Roy sold a persona. He sold “Radar Roy.” He sold an ex-cop and expert. He sold a guy who was nice enough to cross over from being “the man.” He shared knowledge and recommendations directly with his “Perfect Customer.” His message created their “Fantasy Result” of not getting speeding tickets. And oh by the way, if you had interest in buying a radar detector, Roy Reyer’s Radarbusters network of 45 websites would also be nice enough to sell you exactly what you needed. This is how he built the multi-million dollar online empire that totally dominated an industry.

In 2007, after years of never being able to pass “Radar Roy,” one of his competitors purchased his empire for millions more than Roy requested. It was one of the best business moves Netshops, Inc. ever made. The other was insisting “Radar Roy” stay on as their consultant. Amazingly today, proof that Roy Reyer built such online dominance with radar detectors is that years after being bought out of the industry, his presence remains all over the top of the search engine rankings.

An expert in the field, Mr. Reyer has provided great advice and products to me and several associates on more than one occasion. He is a man of strong integrity and I do not hesitate to refer anyone to him.” April 26, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Brian Massie – Transportation Logistics

The Passion to Help You Be Successful With Your Website.

“I learned from clients that I have the passion and skill to teach others and this ability enabling others to also be successful. These are the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced in my life.” — “Radar” Roy Reyer

When the news broke of selling his Radarbusters empire, thirty online business owners called Roy pleading with him to take over their Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing campaigns. Initially, he didn’t want clients because he didn’t want a job. He wanted to have fun learning to be a pilot flying his private plane to and from the runway in front of his home.

But Roy’s passion to help others and feel the personal rewards for doing it quickly won out. Now, he continues to work day and night to help clients live the lives of their dreams. He does this by using practical technology called the internet, and his commanding knowledge of how it works and constantly evolves.

Here are some of “Radar” Roy Reyer’s favorite online success stories:

Marketing Legend Joe Sugarman – This is the classic scenario where the “Student Becomes the Teacher.” Joe Sugarman is the author of multiple best-selling books on marketing and advertising. Many consider him the greatest marketing copywriter ever. He used his skills to create the BluBlocker mega-brand of sunglasses. Among his other innovations, Joe introduced use of the toll-free number in sales.

Since Roy Reyer’s interest in advertising began in college, he had Joe Sugarman as an idol. He used Sugarman’s strategies in developing content for his Radarbusters online empire. Roy’s passion to help one of his SEO students, led him to Joe Sugarman. Today, SEO Content Kings is developing websites and search engine optimization campaigns for every one of the innovative stem cell related products in Joe Sugarman’s new company, Stem120.

www.tire pressure monitor.com – He built a website and rolled it right into a #1 Google ranking. In less than one year, “Radar” Roy’s expertise and efforts created a highly successful “niche” online work from home business, and turned a financially struggling husband and wife team into a pair of millionaires who now enjoy multiple new homes, a $250,000 motor home, and a private airplane.

www.fauxrock.com – When Jim Jenkins became Roy’s client, he was making faux rock features in his garage. Roy developed Jim’s online marketing and search engine optimization strategy that launched his website(s) into the top position in his niche. Jim’s biggest sale came when Home Depot offered him a contract to be their preferred vendor. In just seven months Jim had to move his business into a large warehouse and hire 70 employees just to keep up with orders.

www.certifyme.net – Another successful online “niche” business at the top of Google. If you have forklifts for your business, you need your operators to be certified for OSHA standards. Everyone searching for this need online will find Tom Wilkerson’s company. Within a few months, Roy Reyer helped to boost the company’s sales and conversions by 50%. Now, Tom Wilkerson does more than enjoy a multi-million dollar business that does approved online training to certify forklift operators. He enjoys more time with his family, is able to take fun and relaxing fishing trips, and enjoy the good life much more than his online competitors.

“Radar” Roy Reyer is your best resource to detect, monitor, and implement search engine optimization and internet marketing strategies to get your online business the winning SEO roadmap of your dreams.

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