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Ginette Degner - SEO ProfessionalTo help you create your “Roadmap for SEO Success,” you’ll need a teacher who knows both the road traveled as well as the road that lies ahead. You’re in luck with SEO Training SW, and with Ginette Degner in particular.

Go ahead. You can search online and off all you want. You’ll be hard pressed to find many people with more internet marketing experience and well-rounded expertise than Ginette.

Ginette Knows The Internet


  • One of the world’s leading Affiliate Marketing Managers
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
  • Search Engine Technologies and Strategizing
  • Website Development

Proof of her extraordinary skills and longevity are the satisfied clients on Ginette’s “Roadmap for Success” that reads like a Who’s Who List. In the past, she as provided consulting work for Apple, Cnet, Green Mountain Coffee, Microsoft and many other successful companies of every size.

In 1993, while much of the world was relying on faxes and carrying oversized cellular telephones, Ginette was a stay-at-home mom in Las Vegas, and one of the early pioneers and visionaries using the internet.

Ginette began working online before most people ever knew to get online. In September 1993 she started as an affiliate and consultant with prominent programs such as Net Detective, Planet Ocean, WebShots, and Adnet. But her plans to earn enough money to buy groceries quickly got ruined by her continuous track record of success. Internet marketing compensation soon became Ginette’s source of income for everything – from daily expenses to tuition payments, car payments and investments for the future.

Ginette has more than 17 years of experience \managing affiliate programs and consulting for merchants, networks and power affiliates. She has also done numerous interviews and contributed to several media publications both offline and online.

Ginette never calls her work a job. She enjoys it way too much.

“I learn something new every day. I still get the biggest charges out of being able to help merchants and affiliates make money while building relationships, and helping aspiring internet marketers to transform their business and transform their life.”Ginette Degner

Ginette taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing, and I’ve since been supporting my family as a full-time affiliate marketer since 2004. Her knowledge is gold!” – Todd Whalen <http://www.facebook.com/todd.whalen>

“Here’s the lady who I’ve told you about. Remember to ask Ginette your questions because when it comes to the subject of affiliate marketing, she is the voice of experience! Over the years, I’ve never stopped learning new things from Ginette. (One of my highest recommendations.) ” – John Alexander <http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1126562518>


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October 16th, 2014


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