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There is an old Aesop quote that states “After it is all said and done, there is more said than done.”  This statement is what drove David Evans to reverse this trend in Internet Marketing and to help launch an action filled SEO training platform.

Having an early background in aviation, David pursued the commercial aviation industry and soon became a Commercial Instrument Rated Pilot, but he soon found that this was not enough.  He continued his love of aviation and before long was a FAA Certified Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Flight Instructor, training other young pilots in the principles of flight, so that they could also achieve their dreams of flying.

Today, his students are flying for the biggest airlines in the world, continuing in the skills that were taught to them from the very beginning.

David’s pursuit of aerodynamics, allowed him to develop a unique mathematical approach to his business life.

How Competing on Analytics changed the way we do internet marketing.

What does it mean to compete on analytics? We define an analytical competitor as an organization that uses analytics extensively and systematically to out think and out execute the competition.

In todays online marketplace, there are a massive amount of companies competing for the same real estate.   As Google becomes more and more advanced, they continually minimize the amount of competitors that are able to complete for the same market.  This for Google drives up revenue, but for the business increases their marketing budget exponentially.

This strategy has lead to a complete analytical approach to how we dominate a market.   “Our internet presence is only as strong as our understanding of our competition.” – David Evans

Without having a firm grasp of the playing field, it is impossible to project a solid online marketing campaign.  What David has created is a masterful analytical approach to dominating a market, but with his background in Flight Instruction, he creates a simple step by step checklist, so that companies all across the globe can dominate their niche markets.

Certified in Google Adwords, and a Google Analytics and Google Optimizer Expert, David has pushed the envelope of how business can reach their maximum potential online.

Here are a few of David Evans’ favorite successful online campaigns:

www.BuzzHollywood.com –  It all started with a rapid phone call, from a very distraught website owner.  The “Google Slap” had occurred.  Anybody that has seen the penalties of getting a website de-indexed in Google, understands the extreme problems this creates.  Now, after David laid out a complete process of site navigation redesign, on site optimization, social media integration and code optimization, in six months the site went from 0 Google search traffic, to well over 3.2 Million PageViews a month.

www.Electrical-Online.com – During one of our Internet Training Seminars, a retired electrician, by the name of Terry approached us about a website that he owned.  After our initial assessment, we realized that the website was a disaster.  We totally did a makeover for the website and setup higher converting revenue generating systems.  From this redesign, electrical-online.com has generated some serious “coinage”.  Currently they rank #1 for the majority of the “electrical” keywords online.

www.ModeraXL.com – After a rising natural remedy company contacted us, we realized that this would be a unique marketplace.  We would be bringing a new product to a market that was not firmly established online.  After launching the campaigns, and establishing a baseline for product conversions, we were able to increase conversions by well over 50% and generate a significant amount of traffic.  Currently ranked on the first page of Google for “Drug Detox” and climbing.

www.PortiaDouglas.com – We always love a good challenge!  Being approached to dominate a Local niche as competitive as the bankruptcy niche is one that was going to be enjoyable.  After laying out a complete competitive analysis, we got to work and now the site is ranking in the top 2 of all of their major keywords and this was with only optimizing their local listings.

Other Niches that we are dominating, but are protected by a non-disclosure:

Largest Weight loss program online

Life Insurance Quotes

Annuities and Financial Advisor

Financial News (Over 3,000 News articles posted a Month)

…and many, many more.

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