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Are you searching for the very best in SEO and Internet Marketing Training?

We know that there are tons of self proclaimed “Internet Gurus” out there.  However, how many of them have been recognized by their peers in the Internet Marketing community as being the BEST?

Best SEO Training Award

Consistently Ranked as a Top Performer in SEO Training, 2012

There is only one and that is SEO Training SW!

In March of 2012, TopSEOs awarded SEO Training SW the distinction of being the best SEO Training Company in the USA.

Then, this month TopSEOs awarded SEO Training SW an even greater distinction!  Being “Consistently Ranked as a Top Performer in 2012” in our SEO Training community.

Why SEO Training SW was selected as the Best

  1. Testimonials from their alumni
  2. Their SEO training curriculum
  3. Their student and client support
  4. Their high converting affiliate program
  5. SEO Training SW’s vision for tomorrow

Top SEO Training Companies in the USA

What Their Students Say

You can read 100’s of SEO Training SW’s testimonials from their alumni on their LinkedIn page.

67-year-old Carol Sprague didn’t even know how to cut and paste and in 6 months, she launched her million dollar online business selling tire pressure monitors. Fabiana Dodson, a more advanced SEO student doing SEO and Internet Marketing for years, wrote:

Roy and his team really know their stuff! I keep them always close for resource and knowledge of information. I recommend them to anyone and everyone. They are the real deal. If you need any sort of SEO information, SEOTrainingSW is the place to get it. They take the time to teach and help you.” – Fabiana Dodson

Their “Cutting Edge” SEO Curriculum – The SEO Roadmap

Unlike some of the other SEO Training Workshops I’ve attended that were very confusing with no clear direction, Roy and his staff created a very simple 8 step process they call the SEO Roadmap. It gave me a very clear process I could follow which has made me and my company very successful” – Randy Lisciarelli

SEO Training SW’s entire curriculum revolves around a simple 8-step strategy that they developed and call the SEO Roadmap.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content Creation
  3. Content Optimization
  4. Content Distribution
  5. Measure Results
  6. Work in a Range of Pages
  7. Website Architecture
  8. Content Promotion

Once our students understand and begin using our 8-step strategy, they are able to grasp the art and science of Internet Marketing and find that have access to all the free tools available right at their fingertips straight from Google.  In comparison, most if not all of the other SEO training programs out there, try to upsell their students on their expensive wiz bang SEO tool that they really don’t need and could actually hurt their rankings in the long run.” Roy Reyer – Founder of SEO Training SW

Start Your Journey with FREE SEO Training

You can join SEO Training SW’s network of thousands of other successful online marketers to begin your journey through any of SEO Training SW’s 3 FREE SEO Training entry points:

1- FREE online SEO Training Videos: Sign up and begin watching their free SEO training videos NOW!

These videos start you off on your journey by explaining how the search engines work, how you can get started in SEO and Internet Marketing, how to create a Google account, HTML extensions for SEO, Google best practices, introduction to keyword research, how to create killer page titles and descriptions and the Google Panda update.

2 – FREE SEO Webinars: Feel that you are just a little too advanced for the Basics?

Then, sign up to participate live in any of their free SEO webinars and/or watch their video replays such as: Local SEO Tips and Strategies, Google’s Top Ranking Factors for 2013, Intermediate SEO and more.

3 – Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup: Do you own a small business and/or do you provide small business consulting services?

Each month, SEO Training SW hosts a free SEO Meetup in the Phoenix area. Topics include using the science of influence in online marketing, Basic through Intermediate SEO strategies, online reputation and more.

Very good, informative. I truly thought I was going to hear a lot of SEO myths and trickery, but I’ve realized that SEO has evolved to focus on working with search engines as opposed to against it.” – Ken Netherland

Basic though Advanced SEO Training Workshops

Twice a year SEO Training SW, hosts their live SEO Training Workshops.

2-day SEO Essentials Workshop for their Basic through Intermediate clients and focuses on their proven 8-step strategy called the SEO Roadmap.

3-day SEO Advanced Workshop is for their more advanced SEO clients who compete in highly competitive markets.

Local Search Workshop focuses on Google Local organic and Google Places, Maps and Google Plus and targets their clients that have their own brick and mortar business and/or clients and/or agencies that do Internet Marketing consulting and SEO.

SEO Training SW currently holds their workshops twice a year and as they maintain the lowest instructor to student ratio in the industry (1 instructor to 3 students), their SEO workshops typically sell out months in advance.

Therefore, if you are interested in attending one of their live SEO Workshops to get that personal 1 on 1 attention you richly deserve, it is recommended that you reserve your seat NOW before the classes sell out.

Onsite SEO Training and Consulting

SEO Training SW also provides onsite SEO training and consulting for corporate clients and other SEO agencies that is tailored for their individual needs.

On December 23, 2007, our site went from the #1 position in Google to the third page because of some Panda Update. Roy, David and Steven did a fantastic job in isolating the problem, suggested fixes and trained our staff how to avoid these problems like this in the future.  In 60 days, we came back to the #3 position and today we are back to #1!” – David (VP of marketing of a major electronics manufacture in the USA)

References are available from SEO Training SW upon request.

SEO Training at Home

We realize that it’s sometimes difficult to take time away from your business and travel. That is why SEO Training SW offers their SEO Training video training programs to go.

The training is professionally recorded during their workshops, edited and mastered. They can save you a ton of time and money!

Student/Client Support

Free SEO Mentorship Program

SEO Training SW offers a free 3-month SEO membership program to students that attend their SEO Essentials Workshop and/or purchase their SEO Essentials training videos.

They also offer a free 3-month SEO membership program to their more advanced students that attend their SEO Advanced Workshop and/or purchase their SEO Advanced training videos.

But to really get that extra edge, we would recommend their Master SEO training program that includes 6 months of mentorship and a free 30-minute personal site review.

SEO Consulting Services

Through its sister company TKO SEO based in Muncie Indiana, SEO Training SW offers an array of SEO consulting services with its 10 member on-sight team. They offer site reviews, site development, link building, copywriting, graphic arts and more.

When I took Roy’s workshop it was a relief to know that he had a team in place to back me up when I needed them” – Josh Keating – Menifee, CA.

SEO Training/TKO SEO also provides a white label SEO consulting program that essentially establishes a partnership between their students and their clients.

This white label program enables agencies such as PR firms, web design companies, and social media agencies to focus on their areas of expertise knowing that their clients are being cared for in the best way possible. They, in turn, are also being paid a monthly referral fee.

Interested in Becoming an Affiliate?

Are you already involved in Internet Marketing as a Web developer, PR person or social media wiz?

If yes, consider joining their SEO Training SW affiliate program.

One sample website belonging to one of their affiliates Martin Maybruck focuses on Local Online Marketing tips.

Our partnership with SEO Training SW has been awesome and it has deposited thousands of dollars into our bank account which is even better!” – Martin Maybruck

SEO Training SW Vision for Tomorrow

Currently, SEO Training SW is in the process of expanding their vision to provide the BEST SEO training and consulting in the industry by establishing partnerships, licensing its training curriculum and certifying their associates across North America.

As a small business consultant and trainer, I speak at numerous events throughout Canada and consult with hundreds of clients each year. Therefore, it was a perfect match by offering the SEO Roadmap curriculum to my arsenal. It enables me to offer more to my clients and make more money” – Johanna Roach – Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, contact them now at 800-881-8736.

The Staff at SEO Training SW

SEO Training Staff

Ginette Degner – Roy Reyer – David Evans

Certified Master Level SEO Trainer – Roy Reyer

Roy never calls himself an Internet guru; he doesn’t have to. However, plenty of others in the industry call him a well-rounded Search Engine Optimization expert. He’s made millions of dollars online for himself and for other clients with websites that rank well in the search engines and sell well to their visitors.

Roy retired from law enforcement as a Lieutenant in 1996 after a 20-year career and started his first online company developing websites for other clients. After making his first two clients very successful online, he began marketing and selling radar detectors and other speed counter measurement products for himself.

His flagship website, Radarbusters, soon grew out to include 45 other websites and hundreds of social media properties. In 2007, Netshops bought him out, acquiring his network of automotive electronic websites for over 7-figures.

In 2008, Roy joined the Search Engine Academy, founding SEO Training SW and began coaching others to people just like you who have also become successful.

Roy is a feature speaker at numerous Internet Marketing events including Pubcon, Marketing Blueprint Live, Off Line Marketing Gold, Rainmakers, IM Remarkable and Stomper.

My biggest success in life is giving the tools and knowledge which enable others to become successful online too. I’m proud to have helped people like 67-year old Carol Sprag that didn’t even know how to cut & paste, to Matt Oldham who now is on the executive online marketing team for Sears.”  – Roy Reyer

Read more about Roy Reyer

Certified Master Level SEO Consultant – David Evans

There is an old Aesop quote that states, “After it is all said and done, there is more said than done.”  This statement is what drove David Evans to reverse this trend in Internet Marketing and to help launch an action-filled SEO training platform.

Having an early background in aviation, David pursued the commercial aviation industry and soon became a Commercial Instrument Rated Pilot. But, he soon found that this was not enough.  He continued his love of aviation and before long was a FAA Certified Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Flight Instructor, training other young pilots in the principles of flight so that they could also achieve their dreams of flying.

Today, his students are flying for the biggest airlines in the world, continuing in the skills that were taught to them from the very beginning.

David’s pursuit of aerodynamics allowed him to develop a unique mathematical approach to his business life.

How Competing on Analytics changed the way you do Internet marketing

What does it mean to compete on analytics? We define an analytical competitor as an organization that uses analytics extensively and systematically to out-think and out-execute the competition.

In today’s online marketplace, there is a massive amount of companies competing for the same real estate as you. As Google becomes more and more advanced, it continually minimizes the number of competitors that are able to compete for the same market. This drives up revenue for Google, but it also exponentially increases marketing budgets for businesses.

This strategy has led to a complete analytical approach and David Evans teaches you how you can dominate ANY market.

Our internet presence is only as strong as our understanding of the competition.” – David Evans.

Read more about David Evans

Certified Master Level SEO Trainer – Ginette Degner

Ginette knows, understands and teaches you how you can be as successful as she is online as an affiliate marketer! She is an affiliate marketing guru!”  Gail Wright – Eagleville, PA.

Ginette began working online before most people ever knew to get online. In September 1993, she started as an affiliate and consultant with prominent programs such as Net Detective, Planet Ocean, WebShots, and Adnet.

In 2001, Ginette joined the Search Engine Academy staff as one of its earliest instructors, teaching the art and science of SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Today, Ginette has over 17 years’ experience in the trenches managing affiliate programs and consulting for Merchants, Networks and Power Affiliates. Ginette has also done numerous interviews and contributed to several online and offline media publications.

“I learn something new every day. I still get the biggest charge out of being able to help merchants and affiliates make money while building relationships, and helping aspiring internet marketers not only transform their business, but also transform their lives.”Ginette Degner.

Read more about Ginette

Certified Master Level SEO Trainer – Jenifer Cowles

Jeniffer also started her online journey online way back in 1993 as a student at the University of Cariboo.

Jeniffer’s landed her first job after graduating with a large Internet Service Provider (ISP) in network operations, developing websites for small business owners.

Jeniffer joined SEO Training SW in 2012 as an instructor after obtaining her Master Level Certification in SEO and Internet Marketing.

Jeniffer recently moved to Utah and has just started her own SEO Meetup in the Salt Lake area.

Read more about Jennifer

Get Started on Your Journey to Success NOW!

Join the thousands of other like-minded people just like yourself who own and manage their own successful online business by clicking here to watch SEO Training SW’s free search engine training videos.

Once you agree with us that SEO Training SW is one of the very best SEO Training companies in the world, sign up for one of their live SEO Training courses and/or order one of their premium SEO Training video packages.



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