How to Create Clickable Overlays With Your YouTube Videos

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to create an overlay in YouTube for your videos so your viewers could click on your video and go directly to your website?

Well did you know that YouTube is already offering you this service?

YouTube-MarketingLast night I gave a 90-minute presentation on YouTube marketing to 28 members of our Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup and during my presentation I shared with our members on how they can do this.

Everyone, including several YouTube marketers were amazed.

Next week I’ll have this entire presentation online for you to watch, but in the meantime I’ll share with you now how you can do this right now with your YouTube videos.

Step 1: Verification of Your YouTube Account/Channel

The first step is making sure that your YouTube account is in good standing and to verify your channel with YouTube if you have not already done this

Go to YouTube Settings and under the Additional Features area click on View Additional features.

If you have not verified you will need to enter your telephone number and then select either a voice call or a SMS message.

When you receive the code enter that information into the form.

Step 2: Google Webmasters Account

Step two is verifying ownership of the website that you want to send traffic to by connecting Google Webmasters to your website if you have not already done that.

Step 3: Advanced Channel Settings

Next, go to advanced Channel Settings and enter your associated website(s)

Step 4: Link External Annotations

Next, go to one of your videos and click the Annotations tab.

When directed to the Annotations page, you’ll see a banner “Enable your account for external annotation links. Click on the link Enable

A box will pop up “External Link Terms and Conditions” and click on I Accept.

Now just create an annotation on your videos and link to your site, that’s all there is too it.

Call to Action Box with Clear Annotation

Now here is a tip that has been working very well for me, its creating an image with a call to action and then placing a clear annotation box over the image with your link.

Here is a recent video I did using this technique:

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