Beware of the Misinformed SEO Agency

If you hired one of the top SEO agencies in the Phoenix area, I’m sure that you would feel somewhat assured that they’re knowledgeable about some of the latest concerns and trends going on in Google, right?

Well today I found out that one agency isn’t as I listened to a speaker representing an agency recommending tactics that would hurt your rankings!

I was a guest speaker at a marketing event held today at the ASU West Campus in Glendale Arizona.

As one of the afternoon speakers represented an agency that was recently ranked by the Phoenix Business Journal as one of the top 10 SEO agencies in Phoenix, I made it a point to attend his presentation.

I was aghast at some of the things he was recommending to the audience.


Fail #1: Using Google Analytics to check for your keyword rankings

First, the presenter related that it was very important to check the amount of search for your keywords in Google Analytics.

Well my first assumption hearing this recommendation is that he and/or his agency must have been hiding under a rock because Google now encrypts search, therefore this information is no longer available.

Fail #2: Use your keyword in your content at least 3 times

Google doesn’t give a crap about your keyword density anymore (unless you go overboard and spam, then you’re penalized) specially now with the launch of Google Hummingbird!

Google’s Hummingbird update basically turned Google into an English professor analyzing the “things” associated with your keyword(s) instead of the “strings”. So in other words, your content needs to focus on the conversation your audience is having instead of keywords to be successful today.

Fail #3: Get Links from at least 30 directories

Google has devalued links from all directories after their Penguin update so most of these directory links are a complete waste of time and money and some are even considered toxic by Google’s standard.

Because of this I recommend submitting your site to only 1 directory, Yahoo’s.

Fail #4: Instead of a Site Map, create site wide links in a navigation box above your footer links

The presenter recommended putting listing your most popular pages of your site in a box that would appear just above your footer links.

Well this is fine if you have a small website and only have a handful of links.

However if you have a large site and have over 100 links on a single page, Google will stop following these links after it reaches the 100th link.

So unless you’re using an iFrame or Javascripting for the “user experience” to list these links to your most popular page(s) you would in effect be devaluing the links to your most popular pages and could also be smacked down for onsite over-optimization.

There were many more outdated tactics that the speaker recommended during his 1-hour presentation and as I looked around the room I felt bad for the audience members who were jotting down notes and going home to use his recommendations on their own websites.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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