Google Hummingbird – the Death of Keyword Optimization & SEO?

Today Google celebrated their 15th birthday by updating their core algorithm called Hummingbird, which will forever change the way you do Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization!

Tombstone - Death to SEO and Keyword ResearchIt’s been a real busy month over at Google in preparation for their 15th birthday.

First they killed of their Google Keyword tool and replaced it with the new Keyword Planner.

Next they killed off your ability to mine analytics for keywords by moving their search results entirely to secure search.

Then today Google updated their core algorithm with a new update called Hummingbird that taps right into the heart and soul of the Google Knowledge Graph!

So is Google Hummingbird the final knockout blow to keyword research and SEO?

Today many of the SEO Forum’s are abuzz with many in the industry calling Hummingbird Google’s final blow to kill SEO.

I disagree!

First let me take you back to the Breakfast with Google’s Search Team video from August 20th, 2012.

From this presentation I made the following predictions:

  1. Google is committed on perfecting a Siri like application for mobile, portable and desktop devices.
  2. You MUST invest in quality content for both online and offline marketing.
  3. To be successful in the new Google that you must embrace the Semantic Web.

So What’s My Viewpoint on Google’s Hummingbird?

One of my biggest mantra’s has always been: “Don’t look at where Google is today, but look at where Google will be 2,3 or 5 years from now and cut them off at the pass!

So yes, traditional keyword research is dead and conversation research is the new SEO!

The Semantic Web – The New Way to do SEO!

If you check out the agenda for next week’s SMX East conference you will see that there are several tracks focusing on the semantic web.

So what is the Semantic web?

Basically the semantic web is a movement started by the World Wide Consortium (W23) to include semantic content in online content to enable users to find, share and combine information more easily.

The future of search is to become that Star Trek computer, that perfect loyal assistant, that is there by my side when ever I need her” – Amit Singhal, Google SVP Engineering

Mine the Conversion – Not Keywords

So basically what this all means without geek speak is that after you target a particular keyword using the new Google Keyword planner, you need to focus on mining the conversation around your target keyword.

So How Do You Mine the Conversation?

Well there are two ways and I have been teaching both since 2007 to my students who attend my SEO Master Level Training Workshop.

Google Eyes: Basically with Google Eyes you type in your keyword into Google, Ask and Amazon and mine the conversion from the results and then include the most used “things” into your content.

The process typically takes 30 minutes for each keyword phrase you want to rank for.

I explain it this way:

Everything you need to know on how to market your business online Google will tell you as long as you look at her with a fresh pair of Google Eyes.” 

SEO Scout: SEO Scout is an automated tool developed by Michael Marshall, who has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics.

Basically SEO Scout scrapes the conversation from top 100 websites that are ranked for your keyword and compiles the words into a database.

Students who attend my SEO Master Level training workshop receive advanced training on how to use the program along with a free, 30 day license to use the program.

What to Learn More?

If you want to learn more on how to optimize your site for the Google Hummingbird update and the semantic web, consider signing up for my in person SEO Master training workshop and/or purchase my Master Level SEO video based home study course.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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