Google Link Schemes and Press Releases

A few weeks ago Google updated their Link Schemes document under their Webmaster guidelines covering guest blog posting and press releases.

Press-ReleasesA specific line in the document is this:

Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.

Because of this we have been getting a ton of questions about what Google will and will not penalize us for, specifically when it comes to press releases.

So we have reached out to one of our PRWeb account executives to get his feedback and here is what he shared with us.

Google has cracked down again on certain tactics that many SEO companies used in order to garner higher search results. This included spamming non-quality content over press release wires (as you probably already know, we had an unlimited package, that could be abused as users would send out releases that weren’t quality only for the purpose of raising their SEO rank.

Matt Cutts and others at Google have made it clear that they will only reward good content and user-friendly sites. In order to combat this PRWeb, and to give credit where credit is due, Business Wire, have begun adding a “No Follow” tag to press releases.

Press releases however are still important for a couple of reasons;

1. Getting your content in front of quality sites.

The most important thing that can happen to your news is that it gets shared, and that it gets shared by quality sites as reporters from these sites see and share the news you are currently sending out over the wire.

2. Driving traffic.

Press releases are still the number one way to drive traffic to your site. Social media and blogs are also incredibly helpful, but with every release you are not only getting your release in front of a lot of users, but you are also getting your site picked-up by quality sites that will in turn drive traffic.

3. Brand management.

With the pickup, when someone decides to Google your site, or do research on your company, we’re still able to help get rid of negative commentary, and only have user see positive news about your company. Without these pickups, you are less likely to be able to control the kind of message and news you want the user to hear.

What are your thoughts about Google’s new link schemes document and how this will impact SEO?

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