The 3 Things Your Brain Needs After Sex!

Do you make your buying decisions based upon the sexiness of the model used in advertisements?

SEX Sells

Chances are you do not.

But … did the ad capture your attention?

I bet it did get your attention, either consciously or unconsciously.

Chances are that unless the ad activated something more important in your brain, you moved onto something else within a few milliseconds and completely forgot about the ad and everything in it.

You see, sex does one heck of a job in grabbing your attention.

But, if there isn’t another activator that follows to help you determine if there is something important or relevant. your brain registers what is called a false beta.

These false betas happen with the activator (sex) successfully interrupts your brain, and your brain determines that the activator (sex) isn’t important or relevant and moves on.

So, what is necessary in sex for your brain to stick around?

One of three things:

  1. Something that is familiar
  2. Something that is unusual
  3. Or, something that is problematic

Here are two examples of ads.  One fails and the other works.

Fail: Arby’s Drooling Over – Ad


Granted there is something unusual in the ad promoting Arby’s restaurants, but does it really make you think of Arby’s like the ad suggests to motivate you to run out and buy a sandwich?


Win: Bloomberg Business Week Cover – Hedge Fund Myth

Now lets take a look at this example from this week’s cover of the Bloomberg Business week cover.


Did the cover grab your attention?

Is it something familiar, unusual and/or problematic?

Do you want to learn more?

If you’re an investor you would respond yes!

Master SEX in my Master Level Workshop!

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Or, I should say learn how to master using sexual stimuli during my 5-day Master Level SEO and Internet Marketing Workshop? <grin>

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Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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