I Just Pissed off Another SEO Agency!

A lot of SEO agencies and web designers hate my guts!

Because once their client becomes educated to what really should be done to their website, I end up exposing the agencies and/or designers ineptitude.

email SEO Agency

Today I received this email from a member of my Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup who was concerned that his fathers website wasn’t ranking in Google who spent over 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars in SEO and web development. (I’ve shaded out the name(s) and website in the email)

Well I went over to the site to take a look and here is what I found:

First the good news:

  1. The website was done with WordPress
  2. He had a YouTube video embedded on his home page
  3. The business is an accredited BBB business
  4. They had a Facebook Page
  5. They had a Twitter Account
  6. They had a Google Plus page with Google Authorship installed

Next the bad news:

  1. The content on the site was poorly SUCKED!
  2. It appears that little to no keyword research was done
  3. The YouTube video and channel was not optimized
  4. Their social interaction with Twitter, Facebook and Google + was very poor
  5. The main navigation links on the site were written with java code
  6. The categories for their blog were not properly set up
  7. The website is using shared IP hosting with 3,417 other websites
  8. The website was not responsive for mobile devices
  9. And worst of all over 90% of the backlinks to the site are profile pages using various names and signature lines on websites not at all related to the client’s niche.

The bottom line!

Angry- SEO-PersonThis website would NEVER rank in Google because of the serious on-site SEO errors and because of all the toxic backlinks pointing to the site!

So after finding out that he wasted 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars on a website that would never rank you could say this prospective client of mine was PISSED!

So I’m going to assume come tomorrow morning that I’m going to have another web designer and another SEO agency pissed at me because I exposed their ineptitude!

Protect Yourself and Become Educated about SEO!

Even if you NEVER plan on doing any SEO or Internet Marketing yourself for your business at least you should be educated enough to make an informed decision when hiring someone to develop your website and do your SEO and Internet Marketing.

Because of this I have put together this 1-hour Webinar titled: How to Finally Make Money with Your Website.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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