How to Stand Out in Google Local

Want to learn a simple trick that will make your Google Local Listing stand out from your competitors?

Yesterday my team and I began noticing a new Google Local navigation bar for specific local terms replacing the typical Google ten pack local listing, here is an example using the search term “golf courses Wickenburg az


Now I have not been able to find out any official information from Google about this recent change, however I do have some important observations that I’ll share with you.

Food and Recreation Searches

Right now this black navigation bar is only showing up when I search for food, hotels and recreation listings.

Will this roll out to other local searches? I think so and here is why.

Less Real Estate

If you look at the way they have laid out this black scrolling bar, you’ll see that it takes up a lot less real estate then the typical Google local 10 pack.

This means then means that they will be able to fill this void with more sponsored ads, thus Google makes more money.

Which One Would You Pick?

Now if Google does replace their Google Local 10 Pack with this new black navigation bar, here is a simple trick that I guarantee you will get you more clicks.

Take a look at this screen shot for the term “Wickenburg Restaurants” and tell me which one did your eye focus on the most?


I bet that you picked #3, Anita’s (one of my clients)

Why, because of the graphic and logo!

Here is another example for the term “Wickenburg Hotels


Which listing does your eye move toward?

I bet it’s #6, Los Caballeros

So this should article should be a warning flag for you if you have a local business and/or do local search for clients, design a profile image NOW that stands out from your competitors.

How to Change Your Profile Image

The image being shown in these examples comes from the Google Plus profile image from the business.

So just change that and you’ll be ahead of your competitors if and when these changes happen.

Your Thoughts and Comments?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about this mysterious Google Local Black Bar so please share them in the comment area below.

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