Need Backlinks? Lets Have a Contest!

You know that getting backlinks, developing great content and creating an online buzz are critical to your sites ranking in Google right?

And I’m sure that you also know that developing all that content, getting those backlinks and creating a buzz can be very time consuming and expensive right?

Well then, do you want to know a little secret that I just used that just created over 200 WordPress comments and also got me 1000’s of Facebook, Twitter and Google + backlinks?

SEO ContestHaving a Contest!

As a recognized expert in the speed-counter-measurement niche Escort Incorporated asked my help in their launch of a new radar detector called the Escort Max.

My fee for helping them? Three of these radar detectors valued at $549 each.

One of these units I kept for myself, the other two I wrote a post on my radar detector review website for two volunteers who would be willing to test and review this new detector. To qualify they had to write a 200 to 250 word comment and to receive extra points I encouraged them to share that page to their friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube.

Here is another Contest Idea

I’m doing SEO consulting now for a Mexican Restaurant in Wickenburg Arizona who wants to increase their online visibility in Google organic and Google Places so the idea we cooked up was to have a video contest with their employees.

As many of their customers at their restaurant are visitors either passing through or visiting their staff are frequently asked questions by patrons on what there is to see or do around town.

Now don’t you think if these visitors are asking this question to their waitress, that chances are that they and other people are typing this into Google?

You bet they are!

So right now we are recording videos with each member of their staff answering what they feel is the most frequently asked question and the staff member who receives the most comments, likes and backlinks gets a bonus!

So Let’s Have a Contest Here!

I’m looking for your contest ideas that you’re willing to share with our SEO Community that you would use to increase visibility of a local business and/or your online business.

The winner will announced on July 14th and will receive our 2013 Local Search Home Study video training program and our 2013 SEO Essential Home Study program valued at $694.

To qualify please share with us your idea in one of the comment areas below in 100 to 150 words.

Points will be awarded based upon originality, and any Facebook shares/likes, tweets and Google Plus posts that you share linking to this article.

Good luck..

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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