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Have you ever had a prospective customer come to you saying that they want this particular product or service when you know for a fact that a different product you have would be better suited for them?

Let me give you one example that happened to me just this week.

belief-relief-fA restaurant owner called me on the phone and said “Roy, there is some Google page for our business and it has someone else’s website on it and a menu that isn’t ours. Could I pay you $250 to change that?”

I told her that I would check it out and scheduled an appointment with her the following morning.

That evening I checked their Google Places listing and found a number of things wrong with it

  1. They had not claimed their page
  2. Google had connected a website similar to their business name to their Places listing, which had incorrect information on it
  3. Their Google Places listings were not optimized
  4. They didn’t have a website

So next I went to the Google Keyword tool to check how many people were searching for restaurants in their area, along with checking to see how many searches were done each month for their business.

  • 1598 searches done each month for Wickenburg area restaurants
  • 989 searches done each month for Wickenburg Mexican restaurants
  • And 67 searches done each month for their business name

I compiled all this information into a contract to do a new website, do photography, create videos, optimize their site and local pages, along with a monthly hosting and optimization package totaling over $5000.

However I knew for me to land this contract that I had to sell the belief before the relief!

The result.

Not only was I successful in landing this new opportunity, they also asked me to offer them same package for another restaurant.

I walked away with a check totaling over $11,000

During this 27-minute pre-recorded webinar recorded during our Master Level conference call, I share with you the secrets of selling the belief before the relief so you also can become equally successful in your sales pitches to your customers.

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