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First off, as business owner I am sure that you’re facing the same difficulties that I do in getting your message out to your prospects. There is way too much noise out there to compete with.


But back in 2006, when I began my SEO consulting business, I had no problem at all getting 45 butts in seats, each of whom paid $1700 to attend one of my quarterly 5-day SEO Master training events held in Las Vegas.

But then in 2007, our economy failed us and people just like you began cutting back on expenses.

My quarter of a million dollar a year SEO training and consulting company was vanishing right before my eyes.

So I took a step back and built a video studio and classroom at my home and began teaching there.

Things started to turn around. I no longer had the expense of a large hotel conference room. Since I recorded all of our workshops, I sold them online to people dedicated to having a profitable online business but couldn’t afford all the added expenses of travel or taking precious time away from their business.

I figured I could get back to my December scale. I took a step back again to reevaluate what I may have been doing wrong and then it hit me right between the eyes.

I failed in my messaging; I wasn’t getting through all of the noise out there.

You see, back in 2001, when my Radarbusters website was banned because of an unscrupulous SEO agency I had hired, I decided to dedicate my life to learning everything I could about SEO so I could rebuild my business and my brand.

So back in 2007, after being honored at a Stomper event as being one of the best SEO’s in our industry, I only focused on teaching the SEO part, neglecting the most important part of the puzzle which got me there in the first place …  HOW I used influence with my prospects.

So earlier this year, I rededicated myself to re-mastering the Science and the Art of Persuasion. The results have been phenomenal.

For example, a SEO client paid me $2,000 for 6 hours of my time to re-write a landing page for one of their products. By only making a few tweaks in their message, their sales increased 300%!

Another example of my success occurred just this week. One of my sales associates asked me to write them a sales page for my SEO White Label services. Seven days later, we landed a $120,000 a year SEO contract.

So since January 2013, I have read countless books including the Art of Influence by Chris Widener, the Science of Influence by Kevin Hogan and Influence, the classic book on persuasion, by Robert Cialdini.

And in March 2013, I paid over $2100 to attend Dr. Cialdini’s two-day intensive workshop on Principles of Influence and paid an additional $1000 a day for private coaching.

Now I would love to tell you that I have bottled up all these strategies and am offering you some product like a book or my own private coaching. That will come this summer.

What I will offer you NOW is 2-hours of my personal time to teach you several of the most powerful strategies I have learned these last 4 months during a live 2-hour webinar.

During this 2-hour online event you will learn:

  1. The key concepts on how to use influence on your website, your videos, your articles and your emails
  2. How the brain works and why you cannot block out influence in marketing
  3. The Psychology of Decision Making
  4. Basic Principles of Influence
  5. How to Use Influence on Your Website
  6. The Then, Now and How Formula
  7. The SWAP Principle
  8. A copy of my $120,000 sales letter
  9. A copy of my POP Brain Map
  10. My 70 page PowerPoint presentation in PDF format
  11. A link to a private page where you can watch a recorded version of this live webinar

And immediately after this webinar, I will also share with you these 4 gifts as my way as saying thank you for joining me:

Immediately AFTER checking out from my Shopping Cart, you will be emailed a PDF that contains your unique webinar sign-up page for this 2-hour event.

Web of Influence Webinar – May 2nd 7 pm – 9 pm Pacific

Web of Influence: 2-hour Webinar – $24.95

I look forward in meeting with you and sharing this valuable information that has made me successful.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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Roy Reyer
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