Principles of Persuasion in Online Marketing

How much money are you losing right now on your website because a prospective customer is not pressing your “Add to Cart” button?

Social Influence buy nowDid you know that by just increasing your conversion rate even a fraction of a percentage point you can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars into your bank account each month?

This is why companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple have spent millions on employing experts in this field to conduct eye tracking studies, a/b split testing, analytics experts and more.

But did you know that there is now a simpler, faster and more affordable way?

It’s called the Principles of Persuasion.

The Principles of Persuasion in Online Marketing

By using the Science of Influence TODAY you can raise your level of persuasiveness by over 50%!

In one instance during a telephone consultation with a client I made the suggestion they change a few words and images on their site.

The result was a 350% increase in conversions!

All it took was adding a few of the six basic principles of influence into their online marketing message.

Resulting in more traffic; higher click throughs and a 350% increase of customers saying yes and pressing the “Buy Now” button.

This equated to more money deposited directly into their Chase Banking account each day.

We’ve known for years that people buy based on emotions and justify their buying decisions based on logic. Dr. Cialdini was able, in a lucid and cogent manner, to tell us why this happens” – Mark Ackburn – Sr. Vice President, Director of Insurance Operations, State Auto Insurance Companies

Dr. Robert B. Cialdini

Dr. Robert CialdiniThe scientific principles of persuasion and influence have been researched now for over 100 years.

Dr. Robert Cialdini took this research out from the laboratories and into real life situations concentrating primary on the major factors that bring about a specific form of behavior change – compliance with a request.

He then discovered 6 major influencers of human behavior, which come into play when persuading people to say yes:

  1. Reciprocation
  2. Liking
  3. Consensus
  4. Authority
  5. Consistency
  6. Scarcity

Today Dr. Robert Cialdini is Regent’s Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, where he has also been named Graduate Distinguished Research Professor.

Dr. Cialdini is the author of three New York Times best selling books, Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive; Influence: Science and Practice and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Dr. Cialdini also founded INFLUENCE AT WORK (IAW) a professional resource to improve organizational and personal performance by deploying ethical influence strategies through his participatory workshops and Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT)

POP Workshop

Principles of Persuasion WorkshopLast month I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat at his sold out Principles of Persuasion Workshop in Mesa Arizona.

During this 2-day intensive workshop I was able to take the “Art of Influence” learned from my long time friend and mentor Joe Sugarman and perfect my craft by learning the “Science of Influence” direct from Dr. Cialdini and Gregory Neidert Ph.D., the Director of Training and Consulting with IAW.

Today I am the only person known by Dr. Cialdini’s staff who specializes in online marketing and successfully completed Dr. Cialdini 2-day POP Workshop!

I am also going through his rigorous selection and application process right now to become one of Dr. Cialdini CMCT trainers focusing on Internet Marketing.

How Does This Benefit You?

Influence Training

Certificate Principles of Persuasion WorkshopI have already integrated Dr. Cialdini’s Principle of Persuasion into my SEO Essentials and SEO Advanced Workshops.

By attending you will learn how you can integrate both the Science and Art of Persuasion into site development, email marketing, social media marketing, content development and more.

As my gift to you, I am giving you limited time access to a video recorded during our workshop at the bottom of this article which will help get your started on implementing these 6 powerful influencers today.

Influence Consulting

Our team and I have already demonstrated our proficiency in the “Art of Influence” by consulting with 100’s of small, medium and even a few Fortune 500 companies like Sears.

Roy Reyer Linkedin Profile

And now by holding the coveted distinction of being Dr. Cialdini trained, you can be assured that your investment into your online business will grow exponentially.

Begin Investing in Your Online Success NOW!

If you’re 100% committed to your online success then select from the options below to move forward:

  1. In House SEO Training – Call 800-881-8736 and speak to a member of my staff to discuss your personalized in house SEO Training. Pricing varies based on your location and training.
  2. Site Audit – Call 800-881-8736 and speak to a member of my staff to discuss your own personalized site audit. Prices start at only $800.
  3. SEO Workshops – Register online to attend one of our in person SEO Training Workshops.
  4. Video Based SEO Training – Select one of our SEO Training to Go packages to have your video based training mailed today.
  5. And most importantly join the 1000’s of other successful like-minded Internet Marketers just like you and enter your name and email address in the form above.Here you will get access to our free SEO training and access to your exclusive SEO Tip of the Week, which I personally e-mail to you.And please don’t be concerned about spam, as I hate it as much as you do!

My Gift to You

The following 32-minute video was recorded during Day 2 of our Advanced SEO Workshop on March 23, 2013.

Prior to this video being recorded the 8 students in this class had been through our 2-hour segment on “Using Influence in Online Marketing”.

If any of methodology used during this video is unfamiliar to you and you want to learn more, I would recommend that you purchase Dr. Cialdini’s book “Influence” and/or Tim Ash’s book “Landing Page Optimization”, both available on Amazon.

My Request From You

I only ask 1 small favor in return and share the love.

Please use the links on the left side of this page and share it with your co-workers, friends and family.

Because they would LIKE IT TOO!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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