The 3 Secrets of Online Influence that Every Online Marketer Must Know

I am sharing 3 simple influence secrets that are guaranteed to result in more traffic for your site, higher conversions for your products and/or services and ultimately make you more money.

The 3 Secrets of Online Influence

1 – Know Your Perfect Customer

The most important secret is to develop content for your website that is targeted for your perfect customer.  It is NOT your headline, not your special limited time offer and/or all the benefits your product and/or services provide.

To succeed online today, you must have INTIMATE knowledge of exactly who your perfect customer is and then develop your content around him or her.

Therefore, it is vital to do your research first so you can identify the qualities, characteristics and behavior patterns of your niche.

The bottom line question to ask yourself is, Who buys from you specifically?

2 – Communicate Persuasively

The ability to “win the click” is tied to your ability to show your prospects that you can meet their specific needs and that they can trust you as well as your knowledge. People buy from people they trust and who meet their needs.

Speak to them the way they speak to each other and to themselves and then develop your content using the same words and images that appeal to them.

Think about it in the terms of, “If my perfect customer was sitting right in front of me right now, what would I say to them?”

3 – Sell with Integrity

The #1 reason people fail online is that they focus primarily on the product or services they are selling as opposed to focusing on their niche customer.

Successful online marketers focus on establishing a relationship with their prospects first. Then they demonstrate how quickly and reliably they can deliver what their customers want.

The Science of Influence in Online Marketing

If you’re committed to increasing the profitability of your online marketing by using these 3 secrets of online influence to the fullest potential, I would recommend that you order the SEO Essentials training in HD video.

Your 16+ hours of video based training includes an 81-minute segment in Online Marketing based on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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