Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup Survey

Phoenix SEO Meetup

As the sponsor of the Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup we surveyed our 1041 members on how we could improve our community.

We had a 17% response rate.

So to those who took the time to complete this survey, thank you!

It is because of your commitment to our community that we will be able to map out future events together making it a win/win for all.

Response Summary

Question 1: How long have you been a member of the Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup group?

  • 56% less then a year
  • 22% less then 2 years
  • 12% less then 3 years
  • 10% less then 4 years
  • 0% less then 5 years

Question 2: How many of our Meetups have you attended in the last year?

  • 24% – 5
  • 24% – None
  • 22% – 2
  • 8% – 3
  • 10% – 4

Question #3: If you have attended one of our Meetups in the last year, from a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, how would you rate us on the following factors?

  • Knowledge of Presenter – 4.8
  • Pace of Material Presented – 4.3
  • Value of Material Presented –  4.5

Question #4: Do you belong to any other Phoenix area Internet Marketing Meetup groups?

  • Arizona WordPress Group – 3
  • Scottsdale WordPress Group -1
  • Chandler WordPress Group – 1
  • Goodyear WordPress Group -1
  • Social Media – 3
  • East Valley SEO Phoenix Content Strategy – 1

Question #5: What part of the valley do you live?

  • 34% – Northwest Valley
  • 20% – Southeast Valley
  • 18% – Central Phoenix area
  • 16% – Northeast Valley
  • 8% – Outside Phoenix area
  • 4% – Southwest Valley

Question #6: Are you presently doing any online marketing?

  • 86% – Yes
  • 14% – No

Question #7: What type of material are you interested in learning at our SEO and Internet Marketing Meetups? (Check those that apply)

SEO Meetup Classes

Question #8:  Would you prefer attending our Meetup during the evening on weekdays or on Saturday mornings?

  • 74% – Weekday evening
  • 26% – Saturday morning

Question #9: Would you prefer having our Meetups in a restaurant or private hotel conference room?

  • 53.3% – Restaurant
  • 47.6 – Hotel Conference Room

Question #10: How much would you be willing to pay for a 2-hour Meetup that would include one hour of 1 hour of teaching?


Question #11: If you have any additional comments/suggestions that you would like to share regarding our Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup please use the area below: (17 responses)

  • I spend a great deal of time traveling, so it’s been difficult to attend local Meet Ups, but appreciate learning what I can about Internet marketing.
  • I have attended other Meetups at private offices / conference rooms and they work well without the issues of paying for meals / drinks
  • ALWAYS-excellent information and diverse speakers willing to share their expertise. Difficult for us to get to most sessions as we are not often here or have had conflicts, but appreciate the sessions we have been able to attend.
  • Prefer a more central location. Its too far west for me to attend
  • Maybe a local business or library might be willing to host.
  • Current location is what has prevented me from attending. Way too far, though I’d really like to make it sometime.
  • Making it in evenings after working all day is tough. I have all the emails saved and have used some of the info in them. I think it’s very useful.
  • Prefer an online membership with learning and training online.
  • More discussion about the reality of driving traffic for affiliate marketing: how much time it takes, how many sites to build links onto, etc.
  • Central Phoenix would be a better location
  • Move the location to a more central location. Open up for Q&A.
  • For #9, it would be either. For #10 depends. Will there be food included? One drink? Also depends on the current financial situation. 🙂
  • I live in North East Phoenix – I didn’t see that option… but, there are 2 entries for Southwest Valley…
  • I have enjoyed the Meetups I have attended. I have a lot of schedule conflicts on weekday nights otherwise I would attend more. The information I have gotten there has been awesome.
  • The location makes it difficult for me to attend on certain days.
  • I would likely be only a “sometimes” attendee, coming only if a meeting focused on an area of particular interest to me.
  • We teach 3-hour certification classes that are free to participants. They are sponsored by others (they pay for the room) and they get the opportunity to do a 1 minute “commercial”

Phoenix SEO Meetup Action Plan

Based upon your feedback we will be seeking a new venue in the Northwest Valley near the 101/I-17 corridor and we will be charging a $10.00 fee during registration, for each event.

This fee will be used to offset any costs for conference room fees and other costs.

We will also focus our attention toward more of a mix of basic and advanced SEO strategies, Local SEO and mobile marketing.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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