7 Google Plus Tips to Get You Started


We just finished teaching our 2-day SEO Essentials, our 3-day Advanced and our 1-day Local Search workshops and one of the most common questions we were asked:

Do I really need to use Google Plus?”

Google Plus is Google itself. We are extending it across all that we do from search ads, Chrome, Android, Maps YouTube so that each of those services contributes to our understanding of who you are.” Barry Horowitz –  VP Products Google

In other words if you don’t re begin embracing and using Google Plus today, Google and your competitors who are actively using it will leave you and your website in the dust.

7 Google Plus TipsTo help motivate and get you started, here are 7 Google+ tips

  1. Build Trust: Just like your about page on your website, your about page on your Google Plus profile is a very important page. It tells the people who maybe interested in following you or buying something from you something about you.
    Use a real profile photo of YOU: People prefer doing business with real people, therefore use a high quality photo that looks friendly and creates trust.
    Tell your story: Tell your story about your interests, education and share your passions.
  2. Include Keywords: Your Google Plus About page is a great place to “sprinkle” in a few keywords about you, your business and your passions.
  3. Create Circles: Create circles that include your friends, family, passions and business interests. This allows you to personalize your messaging to each group.
  4. Post and Share What Your Passionate About: Google Plus is all about passion, so post what you’re passionate about and share, G+ and comment on other people’s posts that you have passion for.
  5. Set Up Google Authorship: Link the websites and articles you publish to your Google Authorship profile in the contributor section of your G+ profile.
  6. Use Google Plus Events: Do you have an event that you would like to share with your community? If so share it with Google +.There is a neat feature called “Party Mode” that allows attendee’s to instantly upload photos into the same album and then share it with their G+ community using a G+ mobile application!
  7. Start Hanging Out: Google Hangouts are great to videoconference and to collaborate with your clients and/or team members.

Check out my personal G+ About Page profile here if you need some motivation and ideas to help you started to expand your social influence and to get ahead of your competition!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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