3 Conversion Optimization Strategies for SEO

I often sit down with business owners who are interested in one thing: they want to rank #1 on Google for 100s of industry related terms to increase their traffic…and they want it now!!!

But there’s a massive problem with their approach; one that’s costing them thousands in lost business.

The problem is that they don’t realize that all of the traffic in the world DOESN’T matter – unless it converts.

3 Conversion Optimization Tips for SEOWhile growing your traffic might increase the number of leads you receive, it also increases the lost business that you could have tapped into.

Think about it for a second. Every person who leaves your site without buying your product or service is a lost business opportunity. They were an opportunity to increase your revenue and grow your company.

It’s important that small business owners realize that the Internet is not a numbers game. Instead your initial Internet strategy should focus first on extracting the maximum value possible from each visitor.

Conversion Optimization Losers!

Take the Huffington Post as an example. According to Alexa, they are the 84th most popular website in the world – and yet they did not make a single dime of profit last year.

Then there’s the Daily Mail, which recently became the number one most read online newspaper. They grossed $25 million last year … and still lost money.

However, a quick look around Flippa (an auction place for websites) confirms that hundreds of people make thousands in PROFIT with tiny amounts of traffic.

So what gives? How are some websites able to generate significant cash with limited traffic while others struggle even with their millions of daily page views?

The companies that succeed with limited traffic tend to have clear monetization strategies. And unlike their competitors they also tend to pay particular attention to their conversion funnels.

I don’t mean to say that large companies like the Huffington Post don’t consider these factors, but rather that you, as a small business owner, cannot afford to ignore profitability early on.

So what conversion tactics should you focus on to increase leads?

3 Questions For Conversion Optimization

There are 3 Fundamental Questions you need to answer to optimize your home page and/or landing pages for conversion.

1 – Who are you? –

Website visitors spend an average of five seconds quickly browsing the page to determine whether to stay. It’s extremely important that a visitor knows who you are right off the bat. A tagline under your logo is often the best way to let them know what you do. Also spend quality time creating a headline that reflects your UVP (unique value proposition) and explicitly spells out what your company does.

2 – What makes you unique? –

Since visitors often come to your site not trusting you, it’s important to make it clear why you are trustworthy right away. Include press you have received, real (NOT stock) photos of your company, credit card logos (where applicable), a BBB accreditation logo, and trustmarks. You might think this is equivalent to bragging about yourself. It is – but it’s also a necessary part to establishing your authority.

3 – What can I do? –

After a visitor has decided to stay on your site, they typically look for something to do. Each page on your website needs a clear AND consistent call to action. Having a limited number of calls to action lowers friction and uncertainty in the mind of your visitor and increases the likelihood that they will convert.

3  Conversion Optimization Strategies

So now that you are on the verge of editing your website, what other tools do you need to successfully optimize for conversions?

1 – A/B testing – split testing is the foundation of conversion optimization. Software like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer will allow you to test how changing certain elements of your site affects conversions. Testing is invaluable since it will get you to the highest converting site possible over time. Test headlines, calls to actions, and button colors to start.

2 – Heat & Click Maps – heat map and click-tracking software is critical to understanding how people interact with your page.


Heat mapping software allows you to record each user’s visit or track general mouse movements like in the photo above.

I recommend checking out Lucky Orange, which offers live chat, polling, heat maps, and visitor replay for a small monthly fee. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a scaled down solution, I recommend Neil Patel’s Crazy Egg.

3 – Questionnaires – asking your visitors for feedback can also be a fantastic way for you to optimize your website. Ask open-ended questions to maximize the utility of all of your answers.

To leave you inspired, here are two really well designed and optimized pages:


Ballpark’s website is the epitome of gorgeous – conversion focused design.


The benefits of Mint’s platform are clearly stated in the headline.

Your Conversion Optimization Tips?

What other conversion tactics do you think are important? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Johann Beishline is the founder of Lezal Marketing, an Internet marketing company specializing in local search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. He loves helping small businesses thrive with the power of the Internet. Follow him on Twitter @LeadersWin.
Johann Beishline
Johann Beishline
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