Your Future With Google

If you want to be successful online, don’t look at where Google is today, but instead look at where Google will be 2 to 3 years from now” Roy Reyer SEO Training SW

Future of SearchIn case you haven’t noticed over the past two years Google has been changing in a big way.

  • They have been remodeling how it structures and organizes all the data in their SERPs. (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • Panda and Penguin algorithms purge sites it feels are not relevant or are spammy
  • Google now cares who you link to and who links to you

How You Can Be Successful With Google in the Future

If you’re really motivated to be successful with your online business I would recommend that you watch this 16 minute video “Breakfast With Google’s Search Team” recorded in August.

Future of Search Video Highlights

Here are some of my take ways during this video

1 – “The future of search is to become that Star Trek computer, that perfect loyal assistant, that is there by my side when ever I need her” 01:14 – Amit Singhal, Google SVP Engineering

2 – “The very next impediment, scientific challenge we face is that we need to understand what’s in that knowledge. Our Knowledge Graph understands this world like you and I do” – “It understands  just on a string of letters, but more on things” 02:49 – Amit Singhal, Google SVP Engineering

3- “With Knowledge Graph we are able to predict what the searcher wants next..” 05:20 – Jack Menzel Director of Project Management, Knowledge Graph

4 – “Given our understanding of the world, we can fundamentally change the way you’re interacting with the web” 7:10 – Jack Menzel Director of Project Management, Knowledge Graph

5 – “Once you understand the entities and then the relationship between these entities and make this phenomenal experience it’s making the search box universal” 07: 26 Sagar Kamdar – Director of Project Management Universal Search

6- Our Goal is if you need an answer we should be able to get it for you wherever that answer can be derived” 07:40 – Sagar Kamdar – Director of Project Management Universal Search

7 – “I’m going to talk about the computer of the future.. I want to talk what that computer of the future will be like. It would be right here in the room with us or maybe in my pocket. I’ll be able to talk to it, I would ask it what ever I want, it would give me understanding and give me back exactly what I wanted.” 10:48 – Scott Huffman, Engineering Director Mobile

8 –“The first hard problem which we spend a lot of time on is the basic problem of relevance.” 11:18 – Scott Huffman, Engineering Director Mobile

Future of Search Take Aways

Watching this 16-minute video from Google’s Search Team these are my take aways:

  1. Google is committed on perfecting a Siri like application for mobile, portable and desktop devices.
  2. You MUST invest in quality content for both online and offline marketing.
  3. To be successful in the new Google that you must embrace the Semantic Web.

What Are Your Take Aways?

What are your take aways from the “Breakfast with Google’s Search Team” and this article?

Please share them in the comment area below:

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