How to Manage Multiple Locations in Google Places

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This week’s SEO Question of the Week comes from Steve Marchado. Steve manages a client’s local Internet marketing. His client has three separate locations.

Today’s #1 Google Ranking Factor – Google Trust

If you boil down all the factors that are important to rank well in both Google Places and Organic, it all comes down to one factor – building trust with Google.

So, Steven, when you tell me that each store has its own Google Places page that links to one website, I am a little concerned that Google’s algorithm may feel that you’re trying to spam it.

Here are a few recommendations I will make that will help raise your Google trust factor.

Step One – Create Unique Landing Pages for each Location

Your first step is to create a unique landing page for each of your locations on your website.

Be sure to have unique information about each of these locations on this page.  Include:

  1. Proper NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) that is consistent with your other directory listings for this location.
  2. Optimize unique photo/images/videos for this location.
  3. Use the Microdata format on this page for the NAP of this location.
  4. Name the page/directory with a unique location identifier. For example, the main website URL was and one of the stores was located in Mesa Arizona. The URL to this page would then be

Step Two – Uniform NAP and URLs

Your next step can be very time consuming. However, it is very important to have a uniform NAP both online and offline for each store location.

I would start by determining how the telephone company lists each location in its directory and then, building out from there.

As you are reviewing and editing your NAP on the various local search directories, make sure that they are all uniform for each location and add the unique landing page for each of your locations.

Step Three – One Google Account all Locations

As this is one business with various store locations, I would recommend only one Google Places account and then manage each of these locations under this master account.

Multiple Location Example

Google-Places-ExampleLet’s take a look at an example of a page that is properly designed and formatted.

This page for Firestone Tires is ranked #3 in Google Places for auto parts/repair in my area.

Note their NAP in their page title, the description of the page, their keywords, their breadcrumbs.

Their NAP is formatted in Vcard format (would suggest using microdata instead: )

They use the open graph for latitude, longitude, street address.

And each store page in their sitemap.xml has a 0.51 priority and changefreq monthly.

How To Solve Other Common Problems in Google Places

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