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This week’s Ask a SEO Expert comes from Sue Rodgers who asks:

What are link wheels and how effective are they?”

Link wheels can mean many different things to those involved in SEO and Internet Marketing, but generally a link wheel is an agreement between a group of websites to link with each other.

As to their effectiveness, that depends on a number of factors, but we all need to understand something very important before you get started building out link wheels:

Anything you do to manipulate your rankings goes against Google’s Webmaster guidelines.  This can include link wheels.

However, there is a way to think about link wheels that is perfectly legitimate in Google’s eyes.   It is when you are creating sites and/or content which “add value” to the user experience.

So, there are two things you need to be absolutely certain of when building out a link wheel or joining someone else’s link wheel:

  1. The content is unique and adds value to the user experience.
  2. All the sites in your wheel closely match your niche.

Below is an example of how I created link wheels for my website, i.e., radardetector.org.

This is the main site for my niche and it reviews radar detectors.

I have built out other Websites and web 2.0 properties that complement the main site in my link wheel.  Some examples are:

  1. Stealth Hog – 20 page website on how to install a radar detector on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
  2. Stealth Street Bike – 20 page website on how to install a radar detector on a street bike.
  3. Radar Jammer – A 30 page site that shows that radar jammers do not work
  4. Ezine Articles – Unique articles on various topics regarding speed counter. measurement.  These articles link to my money site or to other properties in my link wheel.
  5. Hub Pages – Unique articles about various topics on speed counter measurement that link to my money site or to other properties in my link wheel.

These mini-sites only link in to my main money site.  My main money site NEVER links out to them.

How effective are Link Wheels?

When done properly, Link Wheels are very effective for optimizing your backlink profile !

Let me give you a more recent example of how we used link wheels for a client of ours who has a website that was nailed by the Google Penguin update.  This client was in the sunglasses niche and was ranking very well for a number of his main money terms until April 24th, the day Google rolled out the Penguin update.

This client came to us in desperation as he had already let go of his staff and had a warehouse of specialty sunglasses.  We quickly found other high authority sites, which complemented this sunglasses site that were in the sporting niche, vacation niche and even the aviation niche.

Next, we then created new articles with content that complemented each individual site, which then discussed the virtues of our client’s sunglasses using ONLY BRANDED LINKS.

We then promoted the promoters using web 2.0 properties and other social media tools.

Remember Link Diversity is the KEY!

I’d love to tell you that these link wheels were the only thing we did, but it wasn’t.  We also used various other link building strategies to diversify this client’s back link profile.

Three months later the client is back on the 1st page of Google for his main money terms.  Success!

When our business is online, making sure you work with a search expert that is up to date on what is happening in the SEO world is vital.

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