Google Turned FBI – Google’s New Link Disavow Tool

Matt Cutts FBILast week I was sitting in the audience during Matt Cutts’ announcement of Google’s new Disavow Links Tool.

As the audience cheered Matt’s announcement that you can now use their new Webmasters Tool to clean up your back linking profile, my mind immediately flashed back to the character of Carlo Gervasi, the Capo of the DiMeo crime syndicate, who snitched off Tony Soprano in the series finale “Made in America” and thought to myself:

Brilliant! Google has now become the FBI of Link Enforcement with a whole army of snitches someone could use to take out their competitors

In other words, the guy walking out of the restroom wearing that Member’s Only jacket is about to take you out in front of your family as you sit there enjoying your ice cream sundae because he just put all the backlinks to your site into Google’s new tool.

To Please Google – Forget SEO

Last week Search Engine Land interviewed Andre Weyher who worked a 2-year stint on Google’s Search Quality/Webspam team and specialized on content and backlink profiles.

The biggest revelation during his interview was “If you want to please Google about SEO, then forget about SEO

With all do respect, I disagree with this statement and instead say;

If you want to please Google about SEO, then do invisible SEO

What is invisible SEO?

I think Ed Dale said it best in his recent Blog Post “Beware of Google Bearing Gifts..

“You need to devote your resources to thrilling and delighting your audience. If they love what you do, it will spread and your Google ranking will look after itself.”

In other words;

Today SEO is All About Being Awesome!

  • You become awesome to your audience when you write awesome content
  • You become awesome when you structure your site properly for the search engines and your audience
  • You become awesome when your followers share your content with their friends and family
  • You become awesome when you build a brand for your company
  • You become awesome when your authorship profile gets indexed by Google
  • You’ve become awesome when you get to the top of Google’s SERPS

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If so please use the comment area below and please, be awesome….

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