Google Authorship What Is It? – Webinar

Did you know your authorship status is becoming the #1 factor for Google in determining the ranking of your site?

Google AuthorshipToday Google is beginning to factor in ALL the content you publish online; including videos, tweets, images, Google +’s  in it’s attempt to rank you as a trusted author.

And the higher your authorship status, the higher Google will rank the sites you’re associated with.

In other words, all those sneaky tricks and programs that have been around to trick Google into believing your site should outrank your competitors are not going to work anymore.

What is going to count is your online reputation with Google in publishing high quality content, i.e. Google’s Author Rank.

Why Did Google Do This?

Well, Google’s primary customers are the people who use their search engine to find information about various things and not “us,” the people who try sell various things online.

In other words, it’s Google’s job to provide the most relevant information to their customers and to keep what they consider spammy content out of their index.

Google’s new authorship is their latest answer.

Developed by the engineers over at Google to reduce spam, it’s designed to interface with Google+ and their search engine to monitor and rate the popularity of your content.

If Google rates you as someone that develops “spammy content” your content will never rank high in their search engine regardless of what type of SEO you do.

If Google rates you as someone that develops “high quality content,” your content will rank well in their SERPs (search engine result pages).

Should I Care About Google’s Authorship?

Well if you want to have a successful online business and have high rankings in Google’s SERPs, you need to care. And to be successful, you need to build an awesome reputation that is associated with YOUR NAME and not the name of your business!

How To Build Your Awesomeness with Google

The first step is to create a Google + account if you don’t already have one.

The second step is then to associate your authorship for all of your online content, which includes videos, photos, articles, Twitter account, etc. to your Google + account.

Google’s Author Rank Factors

There is no way to know all of the Google’s authorship factors that are programmed into this algorithm.  Google wants to make it as complex as possible to avoid having spammy results listed in their search engine.

However, these are a few factors I’m sure that they have taken into account to rank you as a trusted author:


  1. The page rank of the article
  2. The average page rank of your content associated with your authorship
  3. The number of social shares such as Twitter, Google+
  4. The number of social circles you’re included in on Google+
  5. And the number of posts you make on Google+

How to Be Successful with Google Authorship

If you’re committed to your online success, then you need to get serious about Google Authorship today and here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Start working on building a strong content marketing strategy NOW.
  2. Go where your customers are and start engaging them with your online content.
  3. Seek out opportunities to have your content published on authoritative sites which will link and promote your authorship status

Google Authorship Webinar

Want to learn more about Google Authorship and how to integrate it with your website?

Then watch this 70 minute video replay of our Google Authorship webinar.

During this webinar replay you will learn:

  • The benefits of using Google’s Authorship
  • What Google’s Authorship markup is
  • How to Gain Authorship Status
  • How to link your content to your authorship
  • Tips for WordPress on Google Authorship Integration

Do You Have Comments or Questions?

If you have any comments and/or questions about this webinar replay please post them in the comment area below:

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