Secrets of Targeting Your Perfect Customer

This week’s SEO Question of the week from Norman Robinson:

Who is my perfect customer and how can I find him/her?

SEO Question of the Week

Perfect CustomerOne of the most important steps of your marketing strategy that will give you the competitive advantage in your Internet Marketing is knowing EXACTLY who YOUR perfect customer is.

Understanding your target market allows you to custom tailor all your marketing, products and services around this one-targeted customer profile.

This may sound counterproductive in your marketing strategy by framing your messaging to only 1 person.

However when you realize that once you find this 1 person who is in very specific demographic you will be better able to identify all of your customers specific problems and concerns and you will create a tribe of raving fans.

It’s also a hell of a lot easier to frame your marketing to one person to a whole herd.

The Biggest Secret Marketing Agencies Use Exposed!

I’m going to share with you one of the biggest secrets the large Madison Avenue marketing agencies use to target to identify the perfect customer for client’s marketing projects.

The secret is Social Media!

Think about it…

Once a marketing agency knows you like a particular product or service and they have your Linkedin and/or Facebook account information, what type of information can they learn about YOU!

Create 1 Perfect Customer Your Last 50

Agencies will gather the last 50 e-mail addresses, Facebook likes/shares/mentions of their client to identify the Facebook accounts and LinkedIn accounts of their customers.

They often do this same process with the client’s competitors.

The objective in this process is to collect demographic information and the concerns of the last 50 customers into a spread sheet and create the 1 perfect customer.

Who is Gary?

In this example I’m going to use the Facebook account from Gary, who is one of my latest customers from

I’m going to omit Gary’s last name and some of his personal information to protect his privacy.

Who Is Your Perfect Customer?

From Gary’s Facebook page we can see that:

  • Is Male
  • Is truck driver
  • Has a college education
  • Lives in Georgia
  • Is married
  • College football sports fan

Perfect Customer

We can also see that Gary is:

  • 35 years old
  • Is Protestant
  • Is Anti – Obama
  • (Is also white from old profile photo)

Perfect Customer Profile 1

Gary’s job takes him throughout the South and Midwest

Identifying Perfect Customer 2

Gary’s major was computers and business management and also went to school to learn how to drive a commercial vehicle.

Customer Eductional Profile

Also from Gary’s about page:

  • Bought a car in 2011 (for his wife)
  • Quit smoking in 2010
  • Used to work at CVS
  • Graduated High School in 1996

Facebook Likes Customer

Here are Gary’s Favorite books, music, movies and television shows

Facebook Likes 2

Gary also likes college football, four wheeling, Ford Mustangs and eBay


From several of Gary’s Facebook posts we can see that Gary enjoys the “freedom of the open highway

Facebook Post

As Jerry’s job takes him away from home and he uses social media to stay in touch with his family.

Facebook Family

Gary’s wife has college degree in nursing, cares for people and is just got a job driving a school bus.

Mobile Marketing

Gary uses social media to leave reviews on businesses

Garys new car

Gary’s wife drives an economical sub-compact Ford

Garys Truck

And Gary drives a Ford pickup

Garys Work Truck

Gary loves his job because of the freedom the open road represents to him

Compile – Make 1 Perfect Customer

After we compile the data from Gary and our other 50 customers we are left with one perfect customer

Here is mine from

Name: Jerry
Age: 38
Race: White
Relationship: Married
Yearly Income: $110,000
Employment: Insurance salesman – HATES his job!
Children: 2
Lives: Florida
Vehicles: Wife drives a “soccer mom” van and he drives a “clunker”
Likes: Professional football, hunting/fishing, hanging out with the “guys”
Politics: Hates Obama
Common Wants/Needs Expressed: Freedom

Marketing to 1 Resonates to Many

With this information about my perfect customer Jerry, I can now tailor my marketing to only 1 person while also speaking to my other customers, which will resonate to all my customers

Who Is Your Perfect Customer?

Now armed with the secret of identifying your 1 perfect customer are you willing to take my challenge to identify yours?

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