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Who is my perfect customer and how can I find them?

Who is my perfect customer?

This was our #1 question from Norm Robinson who is one of the principles of a commercial vehicle finance company.

We were so impressed with your question, Norm, that we created a full article revealing several of the social media strategies the big Madison Avenue marketing firms’ use in how to identify the perfect customer.

To quickly summarize this article review the Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts from your last 50 customers and then create 1 perfect customer from your last 50 customers.

Are sidebar links helpful or hurtful to your site? Or should we just acquire links inside of posts?

Site Links

Chase, let’s first explain some of the different sidebar links that there are and how they can impact your website.

Navigation Links: Navigation links are important to have on your website so your customers can find what they want on your website.

You shouldn’t use images, java scripting or flash if these are navigational links as search engines may have a problem navigating to these pages to index them.

Blogroll Links: Blogrolls are typically links to other websites that could also appear on the sidebar. As these links would typically appear on the entire site they would also be called “site links

The Google Penguin is very suspicious of site links so use these with caution.

Several questions that you may want to ask yourself about site links on other sites are:

  • Is the site relevant to my site? If it isn’t have it removed.
  • Would a real person click on this link or is the link just for SEO? If you answer just for SEO have it removed.
  • What other links appear with my link? If the other links appear spammy to you they will appear spammy to the search engines. Have them removed.

Now, Chase, to answer the last part of your question about “links inside of posts”

Links within the body of an article are the most powerful links you can have for your website.

Just remember don’t over do it.

How is the SEO scene the same/different between what it was when I was on Howie’s team and today?

affiliate marketing

Matt, first allow me to explain to our users who you are.

Matt was the winner of an affiliate marketing contest a few years ago called “IM Remarkable

Matt became the 1st place winner by creating a network of websites and web 2.0 properties to market a particular product during this 6-month contest.

Matt, again I congratulate you for winning that contest and for all your hard work and dedication.

With that said, a lot has changed in SEO and Internet Marketing the past few years and the SEO strategies that you used then would not work today.

Google has had the Caffeine update, a number of Panda updates and now a number of Penguin updates and to be totally honest, it’s a lot harder rank well in any market with a thin website.

Matt, If you’re still involved in Affiliate Marketing I would recommend to you this webinar replay on “How to Google Proof Your Business

Does registering your domain name for multiple years really add that much value to your site?

Domain SEO

John, I also fell for this marketing scam a few years ago when I suspect some domain registrar started this rumor.

However, I have tested this theory and proven it wrong time and time again.

We have thousands of domains and websites that we use and we have found out that it makes not one bit of difference if you register a domain name for 1 year or 10 years to Google.

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