Google Places Pages (Finally) Merge With Google+ Business Pages

It has finally happened! Goolge+ users that have created Google+ Business pages now have the ability to merge them with their Google Places page.

Google launched Google+ back in June of 2011. With the launch of Google+ came many other updates and new features to Google, such as Google Search plus Your World.

Many people knew that Google+ would slowly start to take over, and many predicted that Google+ Business pages would eventually take over Google Places.

For quite some time, Google+ users were able to create a Google+ Business pages for their local businesses, but it would not appear in the Google local search results. Business owners still had their Places page, which was the main priority for most, as well as having a Google+ Business page.

It was confusing for some. Some business owners would create a Google+ Business page thinking that is what they needed in order to show in the search results, but what they really needed was a Google Places page.

Just a few days ago, Google finally is starting to merge Google Places pages with Google+ Business pages. There is no longer the need to manage to separate pages (your Places page and Google+ Business page). Everything will be managed within Google+.

Here’s What You Need to Do to Merge Your Pages

1) First, you need to have a Google+ Business page. If you do not have this, you need to create one. This merge will only work if you selected “Local” as your Google+ page category.  

2) Once you have created your Google+ Business page, you should see a little gray link that says “Unverified”. When you click on that link, you should see a blue button that says “Verify Now”.

Google+ Business Page Merge

3) Clicking on that “Verify Now” button should bring up a new window where you will select your business. This is pretty self-explanatory. Just pick your business from the list.

4) Next, you will be asked to agree to some terms and then you are given the option of entering a contact name and modifying your listing data at that point. Your listing data should be correct since it is pulling that data from your Places page. Once you’ve made sure everything is correct, just click “Request Postcard”.

5) That’s it! You should receive a postcard in about a week. The postcard will have a pin number, similar to the way your Google Places page was verified.

6) When you get your postcard, you will be instructed to go to where you will be able to enter the pin number that you received. Just follow the simple instructions on the verification page and you are all set!

A Couple of Quick Notes and Restrictions

Google just released this new merge feature, so it may be a bit buggy. Some people are getting errors when click on the “Verify Now” process, while others have no problem at all. The Google engineers will probably get this fixed fairly soon.

There is one restriction with the merging process. The postcard verification process does NOT support service area businesses with hidden addresses. This also goes for home-based businesses that have hidden addresses.

Keep in mind, Google has just launched this merge feature, so more updates will be sure to come. It will be exciting to see all the new features these Google+ pages will have once the merge has happened.

Are you going to go merge your Google Places page with your Google+ Business page?

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