On-Site SEO Tips Post Google Penguin

Has Google Penguin penalized your site because of poor site architecture or over optimization?

matt cutts penguin jokerOn April 24th Google released a new algorithm dubbed Google Penguin, which was a wake up call for those involved in Internet Marketing as it affected millions of websites.

As a consultant working with a number of online business owners who have had their site penalized I have learned the following:

  1. The old school method of SEO of just building links just doesn’t work anymore
  2. Content is no longer king, Engagement is
  3. Your on-site SEO plays a very important role in today’s online marketing
  4. Penguin main focus is who is linking to you and WHY

If your site’s rankings tumbled in Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages) you should first focus on any onsite SEO factors before you start fixing your any offsite SEO factors.

Here are 3 onsite SEO Tips you can start working on today!

Meta Tags

It was a common practice for webmasters to include their main money keywords as many times as possible in the title and description meta tag areas of the site.

Today this is a Google Penguin red flag!

You need to stop writing content for the search engines and instead write copy for your visitors.

Avoid the we-we crap and focus on the benefits that your customer will receive in using your product or services.

Red Pen Test

Print out one of your webpages and highlight the areas where you are using your main money keywords as links and any content that appears spammy

Next grab a red pen and circle the following:

  1. Links that are hidden and links concealed with CSS (no underline)
  2. SEO keywords that are not absolutely necessary in your page copy
  3. Redundant links that appear more then once in your copy
  4. Links to your designer’s website

Next analyze your results and remove keywords that are only on the page for SEO

Link Out

Link out to other authority sites in your niche or area of service, even if this means linking out to your competitors!

More Google Penguin SEO Tips

Are you interested in learning more on hunting down and killing the Google Penguin?

Then first check out this free 90 minute Google Penguin webinar replay on off-site SEO factors

Then also consider checking out our 10 video series on how to Kill the Google Penguin SEO Workshop on how to hunt down and kill the Google Penguin on July 28th.

Hire a Google Penguin Hunting Guide

Hire a member of our SEO team who will provide you with a 1 on 1 90 minute consultation.

During your Google Penguin website review we will break down your site piece by piece offering you a number of suggestions on how you can improve your Google rankings.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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