Google Penguin – What Should I Do Now?

Has your website’s rankings been decimated because of the Google Penguin Update?

Google Penguin OptimizationGoogle Penguin has been a wake up call for many Online Marketers as it effected over 3.1% of English sites and a much higher percentage in highly spammed languages.

So you maybe asking yourself if you were one of the unlucky ones who had their site penalized, “What should I do now?”

With Google Penguin it comes down to these 5 choices:

  1. Get out of online marketing all together and find a job
  2. Get rid of all those backlinks Google has identified as being spam
  3. Dilute all those spammy links with new links Google feels are appropriate for your website
  4. Start all over with a new website

But most importantly you need to ignore a lot of the stuff that is out there about the Google Penguin update.

Why? Because our testing has proven that most of the stuff written about the Google Penguin update is complete and utter BS!

Though this entire process in working with clients who’s sites took a hit, we have learned 4 important factors regarding the Google Penguin update:

  1. The old school method of SEO of just building links just doesn’t work anymore
  2. Content is no longer king, engagement is
  3. Your on-site SEO plays a very important role in today’s online marketing
  4. And Penguin’s main focus is who is linking to you and why!

Google Penguin Webinar – Link Building Strategies Post Penguin

During this free 90 minute Google Penguin webinar replay you will learn:

  • Things you need to avoid when building links to your site
  • Link building strategies on how to get your site ranked high post Penguin
  • How to build an effective link building strategy

Click here to watch our Google Penguin Webinar now

How to Kill the Google Penguin Workshop

Check out our 10 video series from our live 1-day SEO Workshop on How to Hunt Down and Kill the Google Penguin

In this video series you will learn:

  • The 3 on-site search engine optimization factors Google focuses on and how to fix these issues on your website
  • How you are exposing you secrets to Google and how to block Google from learning your secrets
  • 13 types of onsite SEO you should focus on and 5 types of onsite SEO you need to STOP doing
  • How to recover if your site was penalized by the Google Penguin

More information: How to Hunt Down and Kill the Google Penguin Workshop

Get Your Own Personal Google Penguin Hunting Guide

If you cannot attend our one day SEO Workshop you can still hire a member of our team who will act as your personal guide to hunt down the Google Penguin factors that have penalized your site.

During this 90-minute 1-on-1 conference a member of our team will break down your site offering suggestions on how you can recover post penguin and get your site ranking back into Google’s SERPS:

Google Penguin 90-Minute Site Audit



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