Google Is Not Your Friend

Today I’m putting on the finishing touches for our 1-day SEO workshop on “How to Kill the Google Penguin

Matt Cutts FingerDuring this private event we will share everything our team has learned on how to resurrect sites that have been penalized by the Google Panda and Penguin updates along with strategies on developing new sites that are Google friendly.

During our internal research and testing there are two things that really stick out:

1.    Please don’t believe all the crap that great content, user experience and relevance will get your site to the top and
2.    Google is NOT your friend

Google SERPs Are Broken!

It is clear that Google has shifted its focus toward anti-SEO measures resulting in biased and degraded search results.

You are one algorithm, one manual review away from having your site banned from their search results.

Your competitors can decimate your sites ranking in Google’s SERPs using negative SEO tactics

So what is working post Penguin?

We have compiled a comprehensive 12-page eBook and Power Point presentation that we will be sharing with the attendees during our “How to Kill the Google Penguin” workshop, however here are several tips for those who cannot attend.

Exact Match Domains – Exact match domains are like a free pass in Google’s eyes to rank fast and well.

As an example an associate launched an exact match domain for new popular search term and took over the 1st place listing in Google within 48 hours without having a single link to the site.

Page Authority Matters –  Stop focusing on how many links you built and focus on building up the authority of your site with quality backlinks.

If you’re confused on where to get high quality links then check out our free webinar “How to Build Links Post Google Penguin”

Do Invisible SEO – SEO is still important however if Google feels that you’re optimizing your website for the sake of rankings you will be penalized.

Example, if Google feels that your title tag is over optimized or too wordy it will replace it with their “Title Writer Algorithm”

Also just don’t focus on using only your primary money keywords in your title descriptions, page descriptions or the body of your content. Instead focus on the long tail or even better use Semantic keywords.

Dilute Crappy Backlinks Links with Good Links – Using those blackhat link-building tools to blast thousands of backlinks to your site is definitely a red flag to Google and what is even more disconcerting is that your competitors can now use these tactics against you.

If Google is reports that you have unnatural linking pattern associated with your site we feel that your best course of action is to dilute these links with good high quality links.

Do You Want More Google Penguin Strategies and Tips?

If you would like to learn other SEO strategies and tips on “How to Kill the Google Penguin” then consider checking out our videos from our private 1-day SEO Workshop.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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