Google Semantic Search – Are You Ready?

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Google’s next change to their Algorithm change, Semantic Search, is happening NOW and it changes the way your site/pages/videos will be indexed into their search engines, will your site survive?

Google Semantic SearchSemantic Search adds much more intelligence into the equation and Google’s search engine will now be able to identify the searchers intent based upon their search query and history and serve up the most relevant results to the user.

Therefore the “old school” way of doing SEO like optimizing your site/articles with the name of your page title, URLs, categories and description isn’t going to work as they have in the past.

Semantic Search – Google’s New Relevance Score

Semantic Search just doesn’t have implications for SEO but will also include most if not all of Google’s properties which include YouTube, Google +, Google Adwords.

When Google + was released many people thought it was Google’s way of getting back at Facebook, in reality it isn’t.

Google + is Google’s way of bringing people, places and things together under one network, building out a network of relationships thus further identifying the core relevance of a website, a page and even a video.

Google Semantic is More Intelligent

Bottom line is that Google Semantic is more intelligent and black hat SEO tricks that game their index are not going to work anymore.

Thus your online survival means only one thing, you also need to become more intelligent in regard to Semantic Search and Content Marketing!

How You Can Win With Google’s Semantic Search

Here are a few SEO tips on how you can win with Google’s new Semantic Search.

  1. Understand and embrace Semantic Search NOW using Google Eyes and/or SEO Scout. (Explained in more detail in our Advanced SEO Workshop and our Advanced SEO Workshop Videos)
  2. Use social media to your advantage specially Google +, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (Explained in more detail in our Social Media Marketing Videos)
  3. Understand and embrace Content Marketing into your SEO Strategy (Explained in more detail in our SEO Essentials Workshop and in our SEO Essentials Training Videos)

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