Google Panda, Penguin and Semantic; Will You Strike Out?

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It’s the ninth inning, bases loaded and your team is losing by 2 and you’re up at bat facing Google’s most fearsome pitcher, Matt Cutts.

Matt’s first pitch, which you swung wildly at, was his breaking ball dubbed Panda.

Then Matt’s second pitch was his knuckle ball dubbed Penguin.

Now with 2 strikes against you you’re trying to regain your composure and catch a glimpse of the catcher’s signal, the change-up is coming at you next which Matt calls Semantic Search.

Armed with this new information you feel confident that you can knock Matt’s last pitch out of the park and save the day.

Can You Save the Day and Win or Will You Strike Out and Lose?

This past weekend we hosted our 2-day SEO Essentials Workshop and several students faced this same dilemma with 2 strikes against them.

Carol started her successful online business 10 years ago selling automotive safety equipment holding onto that coveted #1 position in Google for most of this time.

That was until April 24th when Google released their Penguin update and her site tumbled to the 14th position.

She realized the old school way of doing SEO and Internet Marketing wasn’t going to work anymore and that she was going to have to learn all this stuff over again to save her company.

Armed with the information she learned during her 2-day search engine workshop she feels confident that she will get her online business back on base and once again make it as successful as it was.

The following free 40 minute video is from the last segment of this weekends SEO Workshop providing you with a number of SEO tips and strategies that you can implement today to Google Proof your site from future Google Algorithm changes or to get it re-indexed if your site has been penalized.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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