Duplicate Image Content Issues in SEO

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Did you know that having duplicate product images from other websites and/or the manufacture could hurt your ranking?

And did you know that some duplicate images such as a logo from the Better Business Bureau help in your ranking?

seo duplicate contentYou may already be aware that Google frowns on duplicate written content. This means if the written content on your website is the same or similar to the same written content on another website your website can be penalized.

And you may already know that I have been very successful in the radar detector niche with my website radardetector.org.

One of the reasons that this website ranks so well in Google is that all of the written content on this site is unique.

On the other hand, my competitors they just cut and paste content from the manufactures’ website onto their website.

As an example, if you search Google for any of the product descriptions found on the Cobra Electronics website you will find thousands of other websites that have duplicated this same exact content.

So what are your chances in outranking the manufacture’s website, or anyone else’s websit,e for that matter if your content is exactly the same?

The Answer is: Zero!

The same holds true for product images.

If you drag the image of the Cobra XRS9970G into Google image search you will see that there are 273 similar or duplicate images.

However, not all duplicate images are bad.

Case in point –  Google Panda.

Two of the important considerations in optimizing your site with Google Panda are usability and trust.

So… Google will scan your site looking for better business logos, Visa and MasterCard logos, shopping cart logos and so on so by using similar. Images that build on trust are important for your site’s ranking.

So now you maybe asking yourself, what about all of the hundreds or thousands of product images we have on our site, can I just rename the name of the image file?

The answer is no, because of we click on the similar image on the Cobra radar detector you will see that Google’s index has over 5,640 images in their results.

So, to be effective in not having your product images be classified as duplicate or similar, you should consider photographing your product images yourself and editing them.

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