5 Tips To Your Internet Marketing Success

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Are you finding it more difficult to launch or even manage a successful online business?

This is one of the most common questions we’re asked by both seasoned Internet marketing professionals and small business owners who are just entering into the realm of online marketing.

My short answer is, “yes, it is much more difficult.

When I began my online marketing career back in 1995, I was competing against 23,500 other sites.  Now today you’re competing with over 612,843,429 sites.  That’s a significant difference!

And to even make matters even more difficult for small business owners, you now have all of these Google algorithm updates to deal with, e.g. Panda, Penguin and Semantic.

How can a small business owner like you compete and be successful in today’s competitive online marketplace?

Here are 5 Internet Marketing tips that I share with the students and clients we train each and every day.

 1. Know the Essentials of SEO inside and out.

  • Today, Search Engine Optimization is a lot more than having the right title tag, description tag and keyword density.
  • It’s knowing how to do proper keyword research and mining those hidden gems, and then using the power of Semantic Search.
  • It’s about content marketing and connecting with your audience where they hang out.
  • It’s making sure that your Web site is has the right architecture.
  • It’s about properly linking your content together and getting backlinks to your Web site that count for you … rather than against you.

(8 Step SEO process taught in our SEO Essentials Workshop and SEO Essentials Video Training)

2 .Set up a profitable PPC campaign.

  • One of the most common mistakes I see when logging into students’ or clients’ PPC accounts is that they combined their advertising with Google’s search and content network.
  • Google’s search and content network requires different strategies if you’re going to be successful with PPC; you need to separate them out.

(PPC taught in our Advanced SEO Workshop and Advanced SEO Video Training)

3. Have a Call to Action

    • Your visitors are on your site to solve a problem or perhaps to buy something to fill a need or want.   Your job is to help them fulfill this need by solving their problem and / or sell them your goods or services.
    • Help your customers along during the process by having strong calls to action that give them a compelling reason to buy YOUR products or solutions.

(Usability and Content Marketing taught in our Advanced SEO Workshop and Advanced SEO Video Training)

4. Measure and Track

    • One of the great advantages of having an online business is that you can measure and track various data points of your Web site.
    • If you manage an eCommerce site, be sure that you have properly installed and configured eCommerce tracking methods into your Google Analytics account.
    • If you manage a lead generation Web site, be sure that you have your goals set up properly.
    • Since many of your customers will be calling you directly, be sure to have the proper phone tracking system configured on your account.

(Google Analytics taught in our Advanced SEO Workshop and Advanced SEO Video Training)

5. Diversify and Google Proof

    • I’ve lost count of all the telephone calls and emails that I’ve received over the past several months from online business owners who had businesses wiped out overnight because Google Panda or Penguin felt that their Web site was no longer worthy of being in the Google SERPs.  It’s a horrible situation for them.
    • Personally, I own and manage over 10 online businesses that are all in diverse niches.  Yes, some sites got knocked out during these updates.  Fortunately, because my online income stream is diversified, I have not stressed out about laying off staff or worried about out how I could make my mortgage payments.
    • It is getting much harder today to be successful online and this is why it is so important to Google Proof your business when you become profitable.

Discover how you can launch and manage your successful online business with our SEO Training To Go Videos or with our in-person SEO Training Workshops.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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