Semantic Search – What is Google Planning?

The Wall Street Journal just published this article about BIG CHANGES that are about to happen at Google which will change how they index and provide results.

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land provides some good analysis and what he calls reality check time.

If you would like more information as to what Google has up its sleeves I suggest reading both of these articles, however if you’re interested in learning how you can use these upcoming changes to your advantage to get higher rankings in Google’s SERPS read on.

Introducing Semantic Search

One of the items I found most interesting is the fact that Google is finally coming out and admitting that they have been will be incorporating technology they call “Semantic Search

Basically what semantic search is all about is the association of different themes or words that are associated with your main keywords.

So the higher your website scores in the semantic search algorithm, the higher your site will rank in their search engines.

How Do You Integrate Semantic Search

We have been teaching, preaching and using the principles of Semantic Search for years in our SEO Workshops and on our own sites and client sites.

Google Eyes

Google EyesA manual method of “scrapping” the Google SERPS for keyword themes and keywords is a system we call “Google Eyes“.

Basically you type in your root keyword into Google and with a “fresh pair of Google Eyes” you mine the various keywords, phrases from the organic and sponsored results.

You then repeat this entire process on other search engines like Ask, Bing and even Amazon.

SEO Scout

SEO Scout is a program that “scrapes” the top 100 websites for your keyword term and then ranks the various keywords in the order of their importance into a spreadsheet.

Get Your Site Ready for Semantic Search NOW!

If these upcoming changes WSJ predicts are anything like the Panda update there are going to be millions of sites flushed out from Google’s search engine and hopefully your site is not going to be one of them.

But to be sure your site survives you need to start updating it today!

Our SEO Essentials Training Video DVD goes into detail on optimizing your content for Semantic Indexing using Google Eyes and our Advanced SEO Training Video DVD goes into greater detail on how to use both Google Eyes and SEO Scout.


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