How To “Google-Proof” Your Business Webinar Replay

Discover The Secrets To Get More Traffic And Protect Your Website From The Dreaded Google-Slap!

The Internet Marketing landscape is changing…

Google Proof Webinar

How To Google Proof Webinar

Google is literally changing how online businesses have to market to their customers, and if you don’t know the new rules, you run the risk of getting BANNED from Google.

(Yes, Banned!)

If you want to know how to “Google-Proof” your business, then you need to listen to Matthew Kadish, someone who’s dealt with getting slapped around by Google first hand… and lived to tell the tale!

This talk isn’t just about SEO, rather, its about how Google now sees online marketing and what they require from you if you want to advertise on them or appear in their SERPs. And it looks like what they’re doing is only going to intensify with Google’s over optimization penalty and semantic indexing.

So if you don’t know this stuff, your online business can really suffer in the long term.

What we will be covering is:

  • How Google views their “customers”
  • How Google organizes their search results
  • How Google ranks websites for search results
  • What “Panda” really is and how it affects you.
  • Google’s Policy guidelines for websites and how they’re merging Paid & Free search standards
  • Google’s “Risk” guidelines, and how they’re different from their policy standards.
  •  What Google looks for when flagging a website for SPAM.
  • Why Google hates long-form sales copy and will penalize you for it.
  • The words Google hates that will instantly get you flagged as a SPAM site.
  • The “new” way of doing squeeze pages and how Google sees Opt In Forms and Affiliate Links.
  • Where Google gets all their data from.
  • New website design elements Internet marketers need to be aware of. (Yes, your site design now affects your rankings)
  • How to optimize your website for the search engines (It’s no longer about keywords, but now about user experience and how visitors interact with your website)
  • The “new” formula for internet marketing and why you need to follow it.
  • New metrics for you to split test and track – it’s not just about conversions anymore.
  • What you need to know about the content Google is looking for on a website.
  • The new importance of social media in rankings for the search engines.
  • Why Google+ is the biggest Internet marketing tool no one is using and how you can use it for your business Google’s Freshness update and why time-sensitive content is important.
  • The “New” website model of building a business for internet marketers.

PLEASE NOTE: This is just a broad overview of what this special presentation covers.

The talk is about how the “old way” of Internet marketing and the changes you need to make to your business to continue to be relevant and stable for the future.

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About The Speaker:

Matt Kadish has been making a full time living off the internet since 2004, and has worked with many of the Internet Marketing Powerhouses creating and engineering mega launches, such notables being Frank Kern and “The Rich Jerk” just to name a few.

Matt is joining our team here at the SEO Roadmap as an associate instructor and as an online consultant teaching clients how to improve their online businesses.

If you wish to learn more about Matt’s consulting services please go to our SEO Consulting page and/or contact us using the contact us page on this site.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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