Google Paid Link Penalty

Are you or one of your competitors buying links for YOUR Website?

If you’re buying links one suggestion, STOP DOING IT! – Google will BAN YOU!

You may also want to check your backlinks to see if your competitors are also buying links for YOUR website before they report you to Google to get your site banned in the index.

Today a small business owner who had been ranking very well in the weight loss niche contacted us for help.

He related that he had been ranking on the 1st page of Google for one of his main money terms for the past six months. However when he check his rankings on Sunday his site had all but disappeared from Google’s SERPS.

He then checked his Google Webmaster tools and found this message in his inbox from Google:

Google Paid Link Penatlty

The business owner was adamant in our conversation that he never purchased any links nor participated in any other linking programs and asked for our advise.

Over the past year Google has been aggressively banning sites which they suspect are using deceptive linking methods and your competitors are more then willing to lend Google a hand.

Let me give you a real life example.

One of your competitor’s buys month’s worth of links for one of his feeder websites, documents where they appear and drops them.

He then waits for you or one of his other competitors to show up on one of these same websites. He takes a few screen shots of your links and sends off the information to Google.

A few weeks later Google de-indexes your site, you get an email from Google telling you that you got caught and your competitor now has one less competitor to deal with in his niche.

I’ve also seen instances where a competitor will buy links for competing websites and report them to Google.

How to Fight Back!

  1. If you’re buying links stop!
  2. Use a backlink tool such as Open Site Explorer from  SEOMoz to check your backlinks. If you find suspicious links contact the website and have them removed or have the rel=”nofollow” attribute added to them

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19th March 2012 2 Comments

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