Journey from a 19-Year-Old College Dropout to a Six Figure Business

This post is going to be the story of my personal journey from being a college dropout to creating a six figure business. It will talk about why I think “local search” is one of the best industries to get into for anyone that’s into internet marketing. (This may be a long read, but the take-away is worth it)

It all actually started back when I was about 15 years old. I watched a video that was showing how much money people were making online. I was absolutely amazed that you could use the internet to make money, so I decided to take a crack at it by building a website.

To make a long story short, I struggled a lot. There was a lot to learn (as many of you already know) and a lot of time was spent failing and screwing up. But I was determined and never gave up.

I had eventually figured out how to make a good website. Well, my awesome website didn’t matter because nobody was finding it. I then had to teach myself SEO and again, failed at that for quite some time.

Eventually, I got it down, but my problem was that I was competing with a worldwide market. There are webmasters and internet marketers all over the world trying to compete for the same term.  Every single day, I put in loads of time, effort, and energy to finally get my site to where I wanted in the search engines.

After Creating a Well-Known Website, I Got My First Taste of Success

Now I had finally built my website out to be well-known in the niche I was in. I was getting a good amount of money and a bit of money was flowing in. This was great, but I spent over 8 months building the site and getting it to be a well-known, popular website.

Shortly after my website became well-known, a competitor eventually emailed me and asked me how much it would take for him to buy me out. Not really wanting to sell the site, I gave an outrageous figure that I was sure he would deny. But he didn’t; he replied with “Ok, where do I send the check?”

And that was my first success at internet marketing. As I created that first site, I had a few others that I was working on as well, but I ran into the exact same problem as before.

Here I was competing for these keyword phrases that everyone else in the world was, like “dog potty training”. And there are tens of thousands of webmasters and marketers that know SEO inside and out that are also fighting to rank for that exact same keyword phrase! Can you imagine the competition?

Then I Discovered A New Way (And Competition Didn’t Matter)

Now fast forward to when I am 18. I was just starting up college and attending classes, but my mind was still set on internet marketing. It’s what I truly wanted to do as my “career”. In my mind, a degree really wasn’t going to help me at all.

Just as I started attending college, I decided to dig a little deeper into “local search”. And it was like a light bulb clicked on in my head. I could do the same thing I was doing before (creating websites), but instead of targeting these huge national and worldwide keyword phrases, like “dog potty training”, I could just target local keyword phrases, like “phoenix dog trainers” that had almost no competition.

Think about it… If you are trying to rank for “dog potty training”, that is a pretty broad keyword phrase that people all over the US and all over the world are also trying to rank for. These people are mostly webmasters and marketers who again, know SEO inside and out.

Now if I was trying to target a keyword phrase like “phoenix dog trainers”, that’s a whole different story. With local keywords, the first page consists of mainly just local business owners who rarely have any idea what they are doing.

Now think about that competition. You are no longer competing with tens of thousands of people that know SEO inside and out. You are competing with just (mostly) clueless business owners.

And there are a few ways you can make more money by targeting these local keywords:

  • You can offer your SEO services to local business owners where they can pay you $400, $500, even up to $1000 per month to optimize their website and get them on the first page for “phoenix dog trainers” (or whatever niche you get into).
  • You could create your own site that targets “phoenix dog trainers”, get it onto the first page of the search engines, and then approach dog trainers in Phoenix and either partner with them or sell the site to them!

Local Search Is Incredibly Easy Once You Know What To Do!

After I messed around in the local search market for awhile in smaller niches, I decided to get into a bigger local niche that was a bit more competitive. This was a very “expensive” niche where the products were in the six figure range.

I created my own local site in this expensive niche, and after a week or two, I was able to get it on the first page. I continued to work at it until I was the #1 and #2 spot.

I then approached a local company that was in the same “expensive” niche and was able to get a partnership where I would get 10% of anything that I referred to them. Of course they were more than happy to do that. They weren’t going to have to pay me anything other than the deals they closed. It was risk-free for them, and great money for me.

The first deal I referred to them closed for $250,000. Shortly after, I got a check for $25,000 (my 10%). Then another deal came in, and another. Within a few months, I had my six figure business and was still bringing in more deals!

To this day, I am still bringing in deals and between my partner and myself, we have generated over $6,000,000 in contracts for the company we partnered with.

So that is my journey from a 19-year-old college dropout to a six figure business owner. It’s incredible how much money there is in the “local search” industry, yet so many people overlook this.

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My name is Andrew Polanski and I am a 20-year-old internet marketer and entrepreneur currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. At the age of 15, I knew that internet marketing is something that I wanted to do. This is more than a business to me, it is my passion. I've created and sold multiple successful businesses in various industries. I also run my own marketing agency, which I've used to help generate over $5 million dollars in new business for some clients. My main passion is training people to achieve the life of their dreams by helping them build their businesses.
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