#1 in SEO Training – Thanks to YOU!

Today SEO Training SW was awarded the distinction as being the #1 SEO Training firm in the USA by TopSEOs.com!

Top SEO Training FirmSEO Training SW has distinguished itself in the field of providing excellent training service to those wanting to improve their Internet marketing skills. The whole industry looks to us to identify reliable and accurate benchmarks, and SEO Training SW has proven itself by its performance, They deserve to rate so highly on our list” –  Tina DeHann – TopSEOs.com

Top SEO Training Firm in USA

Our SEO Team – Thanks for Making Us #1

I first like to thank our dedicated team of SEO professionals who helped us achieve this remarkable feat.

Certified Master Level SEO Trainer – Ginette Degner

Ginette was actually one of my very 1st SEO instructors when I began learning SEO through the Search Engine Academy way back in 2001.

Ginette joined our team back in 2008 as we were expanding our SEO training workshops into Las Vegas

Certified Master Level SEO Consultant – David Evans

David was my flight instructor when I started flight school back in 2007 and together we made a pack.

He would teach me to learn how to fly and I would teach him everything he needed to know to become successful in Internet Marketing.

Today David is the president of TKOSEO, a very successful SEO firm based in Muncie Indiana and one of our partners with SEO Training SW.

Today, I’m working on achieving the next level in flight training, obtaining my IFR training.

Certified Advanced SEO Consultant – Steven Ferrino

Steven is an accomplished programmer and joined our team in 2010.

Steven specialty is Local Search, programming and WordPress and is so dedicated to our quest in providing the top SEO Training available today that he launch our new SEO Training SW website on Christmas Day.

Certified Advanced Local Search Consultant – Andrew Polanski

Andrew was a senior in High School with a full college scholarship when he first attended our Local Search Workshop last year.

Within weeks after attending this workshop, Andrew decided to give up his scholarship and form his own local search consulting company, earning himself over $465,000 in his first few months on his own.

Andrew now joins our staff as one of our Local SEO trainers and consultants and will be one of our instructors during this month’s Local Search Workshop.

Social Media Strategist Giselle Aguiar

The AZ Social Media Wiz, Giselle Aguiar is an award winning author, inspirational speaker and recognized social media expert and strategist.

Giselle joins our staff as one of our lead instructors for our Social Media Workshop scheduled this weekend.

Search Engine Academy Founder/President John Alexander

I attended John’s first SEO Training Workshops way back in 2001 when I was in a panic because my site was de-indexed by Google.

John gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to get my site back on track, which then launched it to the #1 listing in Google for my coveted keyword term.

Though my journey with the Search Engine Academy I became certified as a Master Level SEO Trainer and Consultant and now have the skills and abilities to teach others on how to be equally successful.

My SEO and Internet Marketing Mentors

I also thank several of my SEO and Internet Marketing mentors who have helped me on my journey at becoming a success.

Certified SEO and SEM Training Expert Jerry West

Jerry shared with me his biggest tip in SEO and Internet Marketing when I first met him back in 2001, which made me the success I am today.

I also share Jerry’s tip with our students during our SEO Workshops on Goal Setting

Top Advertising and Marketing Entrepreneur Joe Sugarman

I began following Joe Sugarman way back in 1973 when I was a student in media advertising.

As far as I am concerned, his book “Triggers” is a must read for anyone interested in marketing.

Our SEO Community Thank YOU!

And last, but not least our SEO Community because without YOU we would not be successful!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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