How To Find Your Duplicated Content

Don’t you hate it when all the hard work you have done to develop your website ends up on someone else’s website?

For your site to optimize well in the search engines you have to have more original content then your competitors.

Some competitors are lazy and will take your content “cutting and pasting it” on their website.

Or they may even go to scale and use robots to scrape your entire website, reformulate it and post it on a new site that Google will recognize.

This is one of the reasons Google implemented the Panda update last February to identify the original authors of content and filter out the thieves scrapers while promoting the original authors.

But not even Google’s Panda is 100%.

Google’s Panda, in its efforts to identify the original content, may give preference to your competitors stolen content and discount your original content.

Another problem is your audience.

They may come across your original content on your competitors website and because of your branding on the stolen content may become confused and think that this competitors site is yours or that you support their products or services.

Stop Stealing My Stuff!

When you come across your content on your competitor’s websites you have several options that you can choose from;

  1. Ignore the infraction
  2. File a DMCA notice to take down the competitors website(s) if they don’t remove your content
  3. Publish an article that will out rank your competitors stolen content calling them out.

I don’t recommend option 1, ignoring the infraction.

If they got away with it once, they will be sure to come back and do it again.

I have used option number 2, filing a DMCA on numerous occasions. Basically it involves you notifying the party with a cease and desist notice and if they ignore your request you follow-up by filing a DMCA notice with their hosting provider and any search engines that may have indexed your content and if your competitor does not comply their site and backlinks are shut down.

Option number 3 is also very effective but it does come with its own risks.

First it is effective because your followers have a tendency to share your article which pushes your content in the search engines and it will further your expertise in your market as you are perceived as the leader in your niche and that your competitors are just stealing from copying you.

However in many cases your competitor may follow suit with some frivolous cease and desist order demanding that you remove and/or retract your article.

So it is extremely important to make sure that you document everything, take screen shots, copy emails etc.

How To Find Your Duplicated Written Content

One easy way to find your written duplicated content is to use Copyscape.

Just type in the URL of your page and Copyscape will search the web looking for content that is similar to your content.

Images on the other hand are a lot more difficult to find.

How To Find Duplicated Images

I faced this dilemma recently after receiving a Cease and Desist letter from a website that manufactured photo radar jammers who published an authorized image on their website.

Unless they had a time machine of sorts they couldn’t have possibly installed their 2012 product on a vehicle I had photographed in 2005 so I called them out in this review on

On Tuesday night I received a cease and desist letter demanding I remove what they felt was a disparaging article about their client and product.

So I thought to myself; “if they used an image that I had rights to without permission, could they also be using images of others that they also didn’t have the rights to and if they had, how could I find them?”

Then I recalled the Google Search iPhone application that allowed you to take photos of “stuff” which would search Google for similar “stuff”.

I went to the manufactures site and began snapping photos; this is just 1 example what I found.

The home page of their website depicts this 2008 Lamborghini Murcielgo LP640 with their product installed in “action”, jamming a photo radar camera.


Using the Google Search iPhone application I took a photo of the image of the Lamborghini from my desktop.

Google’s application then scanned the image.

Google Image Search

Google then listed out all the images similar to this image.

Google Image Seach iPhone

You will notice in the top left window it lists the image Google deemed as the original, along with a description.

You would then compare your results as I have done below.


Within hours of sending the offending site owner and his attorney a very detailed 12 page letter advising them of their infractions the image belonging to us and the other affected site owners were removed.

Thus my duplicate content issue regarding this culprit was solved!

Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share on how to find content stolen by others? If so please share them with our community using the comment area below.

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