5 Powerful Real Estate SEO Tips

SEO Real Estate Tips
Last week at our Phoenix SEO Meetup our room was packed with real estate agents and over the past several weeks we’ve been receiving a number of emails and telephone calls from agents across the country.

Each agent shared the same desire.

They wanted an affordable and easy way to manage website that would optimize well in the search engines.

First, real estate SEO is not much different from any other SEO except that it is a very competitive niche with HUGE payouts for successful agents.

However, many agents are not familiar with online marketing and fall into the trap offered by web development companies promoting themselves as “specialists in online real estate marketing”.

Unfortunately, what the agent generally gets is a site that uses a template which hundreds of other agents are also using, hosted with hundreds, if not thousands of other real estate sites and who knows what else… They could be sharing the same IP address, or using spun content that typically starts out “Welcome to my website, I specialize in finding that right home for you…” and then the site automatically adds more duplicate content from the MLS using IDX software.

This “specialized” real estate package they offer will never rank in the search engines because it breaks all the rules of basic Search Engine Optimization.

It will have:

  1. Duplicate content issues –If there is nothing unique about your site, Google doesn’t want you in their index.
  2. Hosting – If you’re hosting your site on the same IP address that hundreds, if not thousands of other sites are using you’re basically setting up shop in the ghetto district of the Internet.

To be successful online as a real estate agent, here are 5 SEO tips:

Understand the Basics of SEO

Even if you plan on outsourcing all the work, you need to understand some of the basic principles of search engine optimization to make sure you getting this done right.
To help you out, we have developed a free SEO Essentials video training series that will guide you though the basics of Internet Marketing.

Understand Local SEO Tactics

You are competing with all the other agents in your local market. This is why it is critical that you know and understand the complexity of Local Search Optimization.

You must make sure that your site is optimized and integrated with Google Places, your Google Profile, your Google Plus profile, and your business page.

You also need to claim and optimize your secondary listings with Yelp, Judy’s List, YP.com, BOTW, Bing, Yahoo and countless other properties.

In fact there are over 58 positive ranking factors along with 12 negative ranking factors that you need to incorporate into your online local marketing.

You can spend hours, days and even weeks researching all the free stuff on local search by visiting the SEO forums, watching YouTube videos and reading all the various blogs.

But if you’re serious about your online success and want to get on the road fast, we would recommend either our Local Search Training DVD or attending our 1-day Local Search Workshop.

Developing Your SEO Friendly Website

Next you will need to develop the website architecture that is easily to manage, SEO friendly and has the ability to tie into the MLS system using an IDX plugin.

WordPress to the rescue.

WordPress has a number of free themes and hundreds of premium themes all geared toward the real estate professional.

There is also a number of real estate specific plug-ins such as iDEXperss that allows the integration of MLS data into your site.

What’s Next

We are now in the process of developing an online video training course for SEO using WordPress which should be released in early March 2012.

Develop Geo-Targeted Content

Develop great and unique geo-targeted content that Google and your audience wants.

If you want your site to optimize for a specific term, lets say “Anthem homes for sale” then you will need content about the Anthem community.

You will need to create geo-targeted content that included articles, images and videos.

Then, include this geo-targeted content not only on your site but also on your social media properties that include; Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, Google Plus and your local search properties.

As an example, a previous student who attended one of our SEO Workshops is a realtor in the Washington DC area.

Julie carries a camera everywhere she goes taking pictures of newsworthy items she may come across, the shopping centers and schools in the area and of course the attractions in the Washington DC area.

First Julie optimizes her images by first re-naming them using keywords, then geo-tags them, then she finally uploads them to her social media sites creating a vast image library.

Then when Julie writes her new article about the new listing on her site she will embed various photographs from her social media image library. This creates a unique webpage that Google and the other search engines love.

Social Media For Real Estate

Another critical aspect of your online success is the integration of Social Media.

Here are a few real estate social media tips:

Integrate a Property Search Tool with your Facebook Page: By using an iFrame on your Facebook page you allow your clients to search for homes without ever leaving Facebook.

Create A YouTube Channel: YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Create videos and optimize them for your channel and then embed them on your site.

Use LinkedIn: Optimize your LinkedIn profile and search out other real estate professionals in your market such as ‘home builders’, ‘property developers’ and ‘landlords’.

Then post interesting content and discussion topics in relevant groups in the real estate niche.

Develop Your Own Real Estate SEO Roadmap

If you’re committed to your online success as a real estate professional consider our more advanced SEO and Internet Marketing training.

We offer one-on-one SEO training and consulting, in person SEO workshops and we are in the process of expanding our SEO DVD training by offering SEO for WordPress, 16-hour SEO Essentials Training, Online Reputation Management training and more.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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