Have you created Online Business Goals for 2012?

SEO Goals 2012Setting up goals provides you with an opportunity to evaluate your existing business position in your market. When this is done correctly it becomes a roadmap that can map out detours with ideas on how to get around obstacles you will encounter along your journey. You may even find shortcuts that allow you to reach your final destination much faster.

Often things in our life change around us. This is unavoidable and can lead us on a journey that takes us on a different path from where we started. This can lead us to a destination we never envisioned from the starting line.

Let me give you a great example

William attended our very 1st Phoenix SEO MeetUp back in 2006. He had just graduated college and earned his university degree. His goal was to find that safe and secure 9 to 5 job working for “the man” and investing his savings into a well-diversified portfolio. If he made it out alive after working for 40+ years he planned on retiring and enjoying the rest of his life.

Well right after receiving his sheepskin our economy imploded and he had to map out a new destination.

William Goes Online………..

William realized that to become successful in our new economy he had to focus his attention to online marketing. He mapped out a very detailed roadmap to dominate the online financial industry niche and committed themselves to do what ever it took (within reason) to dominate this niche.

William became an active participant in our Meetups, networking with other budding Internet Marketing professionals and attended our SEO workshops.

William took action and launched his 1st website.

A year later the incoming leads from his website quadrupled their income and with his investor mindset, reinvested 100% of his profits right back into his business and he hit his 2 million dollar mark in 2008.

In 2009 he reached his 25 million mark and again reinvested his profits by hiring an army of web developers, social media experts, and copywriters.

Our team started holding weekly online training and consulting sessions with their team and we go over our successes yearly by meeting every January at William’s office in Tucson.

In January 2011 my business partner David and I sat in with William he wrote on the whiteboard his goal for 2011, this solidified what we had already mapped out…

“100 million in sales for 2011”

To be honest, as I sat there looking at the figure William had just written I was sure that he was going nuts! I then reminded myself of a mantra that I have often used during my Internet Marketing journey…

“Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way!”

Lead; if the place that you are going is somewhere I want to go and you can take me there I will follow you and do what ever it takes to be there with you during our journey.

Follow; if where you want to go is the same place that I want to go and you want to follow, then join me and together we will get there.

Get Out of My Way; if you’re going someplace that I don’t want to go, I wish you success. However, I do ask that we stay out of each other’s way because if we do cross paths I will push you out of my way.

On January 10th, William announced to the financial community and to his team that they had smashed their projections becoming the leading financial advisor in their niche. They achieved this by selling over $107 million dollars in retirement annuities and raising over $200 million in assets.

Last week our team flew down to Tucson in my plane to meet with William for our annual 2012 January meeting.

The movers were still unpacking boxes as we walked into his office. We had our meeting in the new conference room where he had assembled his 36-member Internet Marketing team.

William calmly walked up to the board and with his red marker wrote his goal for 2012.

“1-Billion Dollars!”

Internet Marketing Goal Setting Tips

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for yourself and your business:

Specific – Who is involved, what do you want to accomplish, how are you going to get there

Measureable – Establish the criteria for measuring your progress

Attainable – You can accomplish most any goal that you set for yourself as long as they are attainable

Realistic – A high goal is often easier to reach then a low goal because of motivational force. You will find that many of the hardest things you ever accomplished were fun to achieve.

Timely – A goal must be anchored with a time frame

By setting your S.M.A.R.T. goals early on you will allow your roadmap to take shape, allowing you to reach those goals.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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