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If you have ANY type of business and you want to more customers and to make more money, you MUST watch this 55-minute video with Chris Lang!

Many well-known Internet Marketers in our community comment that Chris must have a magic crystal ball which he uses to predict future trends of digital marketing and Jack Humphrey gone as far as calling Chris’s “The Nostradamus of Google

Chris is also in the process of publishing a new book titled “Google + For Business; How to Market Your Business Online 1 Hour a Day” with Sybex/Wiley Publishing.

During this 55-minute video that was recorded during our December Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup, Chris explains why he feels Google Places will be history in 2012 and why Google + for Business will be replacing it.

Chris also walks you through the steps on how to create and optimize your own Google + For Business page, tips on optimizing your Google profile and why branding is so important to your survival.

At the conclusion of Chris’s video he also extends to you a special invitation to join him on GplusKnights to learn more about his Mastermind .

To watch Chris’s video you must be a Silver member of our SEO Community.

Membership is free and only takes a few moments of your time, just click here to join.

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20th December 2011 3 Comments

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