Stupid Black Hat SEO Tricks

Is your web developer using black hat tactics on your website that can backfire, which can put you in a very embarrassing position in front of your customers and ultimately get you banned from Google?

I feel that one of the best ways to understand the differences between Good Search Engine Optimization techniques and Poor Search Engine Optimization techniques is to see examples on how improper coding of a website can not only get your website de-indexed by the search engines, but how this could also put you at risk and damage your creditability and online reputation.

Let me give you a real life example.

In the next several screen shots of this website, I have blanked out the telephone numbers and the URL of the company in an attempt to protect the companies identity.

Black Hat SEO

However you can see that this company offers home and business cleaning services, restoration services and mold and mildew restoration.

Here in the large blue box on the home page you see the text Flood Damage Cleaning with a grayed out telephone number and on the top of the browser you can see that the pages keyword is flood damage cleaning.

But pay special attention to the URL string, here we see the text field=flood damage cleaning

Black Hat URL SEO

What what would happen if we changed the text in the field= string to say something like I can insert anything I want into URL String and Hijack this site.

Black Hat

Well we see that the text in the blue box has changed, the text in the pages keyword field has changed, but that is not all.

If we scroll down the page we see that this text was also inserted into pages H1 and H2 headline tags and inserted throughout the content of the page.

And if we view the source code of the page we can see that this keyword insertion was also used in the page title,, keyword tag and meta description tag.

When keyword insertion is coded properly into a website through Google Adwords, it can be a benefit, however in this case the owner of the website is taking a big risk in having his business reputation trashed.

Lets say I was a competitor in the same niche and I obtained some backlinks to this site and inserted some derogatory text or an ad for another service, lets say “Call us now about Escort Services in Miami”

And then because of the links that the competitor added this site began ranking better then the real websites own listings in the Search Engines.

Couldn’t this become a complete nightmare for the real business owner?

Here is another example of a violation of Google’s terms of services.

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page there is a hidden link called directories.

If you click on this link it forwards to another page on the website that is basically a link farm that is powered by Link Market.

Participation in these types of black hat SEO schemes are a clear violation of Google’s terms of service which will ultimately get your site banned.

Building a real business and becoming successful online is not about gaming Google and/or your customers using these type of black hat tactics and as you can see in this example, it could backfire on you placing you in a very embarrassing position.

Being successful is all about delivering high quality, engaging content that your visitors.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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