How to SEO Your Images with Metadata

Do you want to discover a new SEO tactic that is very powerful in getting your images, websites and Places listings to the top of Google’s results?

The tactic is adding Metadata to your images and it is one of the many new SEO Strategies that we learned at last week’s Pubcon conference.

Some of the Metadata that you can imbed into your images includes:

  • The version name
  • The caption
  • Keywords
  • Copyright notice
  • The image title
  • And the GPS location of the image

In this example we added the Metadata into an image that now appears on the home page of website

Wickenburg Computer Repair

We loaded the image of the yellow building into Aperture and then opened the properties of the image and clicked on the Metadata tab.

SEO Tip Image Metadata

From this screen you would add all your metadata and tag your image with the GPS location by either dragging the image to its Google Maps tool or typing the address directly into the Google Places tool.

In the above example we also have our metaviewer tool set to show all data so we can see the data as it is imbedded into the image.

Next you will want to control click (Mac) on the image to open the export option then select export to Master.

SEO Tips Saving metadata in Aperature

Now that your image has the metadata imbedded into the image, the next step would be to upload it to your website.

If you’re using WordPress as we are in this example, here are a couple SEO tips

  1. Be sure to add the Alternate text info (alt tag) using keywords
  2. Unless you want to have your image appear in a new window if it is clicked on, set the link URL to none

Wordpress SEO Images

Now that your image is optimized for SEO by adding the metadata you can right click on the image, save it to your computer and check the metadata information-using Aperture to make certain that all the parameters are correct.

If you have a PC you can use Microsoft’s Pro Photo Tools to add your Metadata to your images.

SEO Tutorial in PDF

If you’re interested, you can download this SEO tutorial on How to Optimize your images with metadata in PDF and you’re welcome to share it with your friends.

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