Help, My Website Was Banned by Google!

Yesterday I received this “cry for help” from an old friend asking me for advice who is involved in Internet Marketing in the home entertainment industry.

His main website which brings in over $40,000 a month and 40% of his companies revenue, was just banned by Google!


My old friend also attached his email from Google advising him of their ban.

Google Ban Letter

I took a look at my friend’s website and after a few minutes spotted the problem.

As discussed in last week’s SEO tip of the week Google is in the process of draining the cesspool of sites from their index, which violate their quality guidelines, and as a result, his site was banned.

Which guideline did Google’s quality team feel that he violated? – Doorway Pages.

Doorway pages are typically pages that are highly optimized for a specific keyword or phrase, which then redirects the user to another page or site.

The home page of the site in question is a very well designed page that has an 800 number, a logo identifying the company as an authorized reseller, a video of an attractive model who explains the special offers, and a strong call to action asking the visitor to fill in their home address in a form that had over a 70% conversion rate.

Even though the home page was “hyper optimized” for a singular keyword term with 18,890 links from over 277 domains it wasn’t the underlying reason that Google banned his website

His site was banned because of all the doorway pages that he had created for specific communities in his service area.

As an example he had duplicated his home page renaming something like Denver-product-special-deals.php and repeated this process for hundreds of cities.

Then each page of his website had a name of this city which linked to that specific page.

Google Ban Cities

My Friend Must Adapt His SEO to Survive.

So what were my recommendations for my friend?

He needed to dump his old school method of doing SEO and adapt to the new Google.

Google is Flushing their Cesspool

Brands are how you sort out the cesspool” – Eric Schmidt, Founder/CEO of Google

Google is draining their cesspool by de-indexing any site they feel has the main purpose of being an affiliate or lead generation site.

And #1 on Google’s list is giving preference to real businesses that are locally based.

So with these two thoughts in mind, here are my recommendations to my friend.

Be Real – Do What Real Businesses Do!

Build a Brand: Right on the top of every page of my friend’s website he has the logo of a nationally known company and underneath identifies his company as an “Authorized Dealer”.

Nowhere on this site has he done his own branding

Unique Content: Each page that is targeting a local niche community is an exact duplicate of the home page. Create content that is unique for that community perhaps special promotions and community affiliations.

Local Address and Telephone number: Google HATES 800 numbers on pages that target local markets so get a local telephone number. Also obtain a business address that is local within that area and post these on your site.

Hyper Keyword Rich Back Linking: Using keyword rich anchor tags to your home page and sales pages are important, but you run the risk of over optimization if all your anchor tags are only targeting a specific keyword term, it does not look natural.

Consider obtaining other keyword terms such as click here, more info so the linking looks more natural.

Social Media: Google is becoming more social so it is important that you also become more social. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube to engage with your customers.

Press Releases: Today using PRWeb rel+”nofollow” is one of the most powerful mediums to build your brand and obtain quality backlinks, so use it!

Adapt your SEO to Survive

I know that I maybe sounding like a broken record but please understand, if you don’t want to end up in the same boat as my old friend, you need to adapt NOW to survive the new Google!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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